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Are we witnessing end of Pakistan?

Without a doubt Pakistan is witnessing her worst crisis since the Bangladesh debacle. Most major cities are witnessing deadly attacks on a consistent basis and just today close to 100 innocent people lost their lives in Peshawar.


Where is our beloved country heading? Is the operation in Wazirstan going to solve our problems? I highly doubt. Who is our enemy? Is it the Taliban, India, the US, or we don’t need an enemy as WE are our own worst enemy.

Something has to give up here. For how long this bloodshed could go on? Just for how long? Have we not had enough? This month alone we have lost close to 300 lives!!! Isn’t it about time that we give up the comfort of our homes to do something for our country? But what can we do? At my end other than praying I know I am not doing anything. But prayers alone would not get us there….We need to back up our prayers with actions. Its about time my fellow citizens!

Posted by on October 29, 2009.

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