People’s Bulls at Mall Road

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  1. Valeria (unregistered) on December 7th, 2012 @ 5:00 pm

    I wonder if we need to disgers into byzantine polemics to determine
    a man’s standing by producing fuzzy questions. The only thing to
    look at is to measure what already is on the ground. Clearly if we
    do so we will find out that things are not very pretty. Pakistan is
    in a sorry mess. It has been raped and pillaged for whatever its
    worth for decades. Two incompetent buffoons, who have looted,
    plundered and misruled for ages on the musical chair of the nations
    highest office are vying with each other for the topmost honors
    once again. They have nothing to show for progress in their corrupt
    alternating misrules for more than two decades, except filling up
    their pockets from public coffers, and at a price affixing their
    cohorts upon sundry important public offices. Clearly time has come
    to wake up and first boot these corrupt plunderers off from their
    pedestal. As opposed to them, Imran is at least western educated,
    has led the cricket team to a successful culmination at the world
    cup, built a fantastic cancer hospital, and an equally fantastic
    university. Now he is asking to be given a chance to rid the nation
    of the scourge of corruption, and to boot out the thugs who have
    been looting the nation. Is it so bad a proposition? Or do we
    rather masochistically persevere the thugs as they are all well
    experienced in whatever they do, whereas on Imran we can not answer
    a few fuzzy questions. Thanks.

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