Birds taking flight from the city

I came across this article in Dawn by Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi on how once popular species of birds are becoming alien to Lahore. She writes,

“Not a very long time ago, the city of Lahore woke up to birdsong and chirping. These sounds, however, are being silenced by unchecked and unsustainable development and human settlement. So much so that now, as compared to the 240 bird species that were recorded in Lahore in a study conducted in 1965, only 101 bird species were recorded during a study conducted in 1992. Ornithologists estimate there are currently only 85 bird species left in Lahore, including resident and migrant species.” Read full article here.

Birds of Lahore - Pigeons & Sparrows - Image Source: Wildlife of Pakistan

Sadly, she is right as there were many species of colorful birds and migrant creatures from Siberia that used to enrich bird watching in and around Lahore. All of these are becoming a rare sight due to unrestricted human development and unplanned urban expansion of the city’s boundaries. As for every other aspect, environment is going through extensive degradation in Pakistan and urban built ups like Lahore and Karachi are the most affected areas. I hope someone in the right state of mind notices and guides the urban planners as well as officials that run this city in order to prevent further loss of nature around us.

There’s a very comprehensive article on the Birds of Lahore by The Birdwatchers Club of Pakistan. You can learn more about the Birds of Lahore here.

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  1. Amjad (unregistered) on February 7th, 2011 @ 3:37 pm

    Birds are great receivers of News from Heavens ! Birds also listen
    the sound of Azab-e-Qabr…. Birds have special link with
    Subh-e-Sadiq, perhaps sounding of birds declares Subhay Sadiq. It
    was night when Firaon took his decision to chase Moosa Alaihissalam
    & Banee Israeel. Firaon Commanded his army to wait for the time
    when Birds start sounding…They waited , and it was unusual that
    no bird made slightest voice that night right uptil the dawn.
    Conclusion (Moral of story) In Birds resides a great Nishanee of
    Allah Swt.

  2. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on February 7th, 2011 @ 5:14 pm

    Indeed, Amjad! Every creature has a purpose…

  3. Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi (unregistered) on February 7th, 2011 @ 6:07 pm

    Hasan, thank you for sharing the article and your interest in
    environment. I didn’t even know you have featured the article here
    till my friend sent me a link! Really honoured that you liked the
    piece enough to put it up here. I’ve always been a Lahore Metblog
    fan – and now I’m featured here! Wow. :)

  4. Hasan Mubarak (hasanmubarak) on February 17th, 2011 @ 5:42 pm

    @Nuzhat: You are most welcome Nuzhat! I really appreciate your
    efforts in spreading awareness about nature and environment :)

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