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PNS Mehran under siege in Karachi

Gunfire and explosions rocked Pakistan Navy’s PNS Mehran base in Karachi last night. Recent reports have confirmed at least 8 casualties and two aircrafts destroyed at the high security facility. P3 Orion aircrafts are operated by Pakistan Navy for maritime surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Navy has become the most targeted wing of the armed/security forces in Pakistan with four terrorist attacks spanning over the last two months. All four have taken place in Karachi targeting buses carrying Navy personnel and now an air-base. The first ever attack on naval interests in Pakistan during the current war on terror took place on March 4, 2008 when the Naval War College in Lahore was attacked by two suicide bombers killing at least 8 people.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the affected families and friends of our brave military men who’ve lost their lives in this incident. Inna lillahe wa inna illehe rajioon.

We all pray in unity for peace in Pakistan!


Lahore beats Karachi in junior cricket

Lahore U-16 cricket team bet Karachi by a hefty 72 runs in the first semi-final of Intra Region Under-16 Cricket Tournament this Thursday. Way to go boys!

~: Match Details :~

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Another Blast in Karachi

Update 1:00 AM

11 reported dead with almost 60 injured being treated in different hospitals

Looks like there is no end to this now; 6 people including two children have died in a bomb blast near Quaidabad in Karachi while more than 20 injured have been shifted to different hospitals of the city.

Commercial centres in the vicinity were immediately closed in fear of street violence while emergency has been implemented at all medical centres and hospitals around the city.

Similarly, other major cities including Lahore and Islamabad have been put on red-alert.

Can there be a bigger tragedy than facing an enemy which has no face or definite origin of existence that is threatening innocent lives all around us.

May God bless the souls of the deceased. Amen!

Sad indeed!


My city: Karachi?

Karachi on Saturday
Courtesy: Kashif


Lahore ranked better than Karachi

General and overall performance of the Punjab and Lahore City Governments have achieved better ratings than that of the Sindh and Karachi City Governments in a recent survey by The American Business Council of Pakistan (ABC).


85% of the 61 high-profile US companies, that are members of ABC, took part in the survey out of which 28% believed performance of Sindh Government was poor – a figure that equaled only 3% in case of Punjab Government. Additionally, 13% of the members expressed their dissatisfaction with Karachi City Government while none of them thought Lahore City Government gave a poor performance by any means.

That’s an important opinion from a body that represents influential, giant US corporations, including Microsoft, Chevron, P&G, Wyeth, Pfizer, The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo International, Citibank, Intel, IBM, Cisco, Motorola and JP Morgan, in Pakistan.

Another reason for Lahoris to boast of our beloved city! ;-)


Destinations Ahead: Karachi~Hyderabad (Edited)

@Daewoo, Feroz Pur Road
Destinations Ahead—Karachi ~ Hyderabad—-from Sep 10, 2007*
So two more destinations are added in the list. I am quite satisfied with the services they are providing, they maintained a good repute but still there are some people who never liked Daewoo Buses :), however, good to have more choices.
*This service is between Karachi and Hyderabad.
Q: Then WHY they advertised it here in Lahore? :D


A Karachite in “America’s Got Talent”!?!

“I’m feel real good like real exictement like im dont know whats gonna haappen in my future.” – Kashif

Pakistani-Kashif-Memon.jpg M. Kashif Memon: Has anyone heard or seen this guy? Or was I just the only one who hadn’t. Some term him as Desi Nepolean Dynamite. I heard that he made it to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent by dancing to a bollywood number. He has a support group on facebook as well. The official site posts some of the videos and news articles related to his shows that he has attended.

[America’s Got Talent (Chicago) – Kashif – Round 1]

America’s Got Talent is an American reality television series on the NBC television network. It is a talent show that features amateur singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of US$1 million. The show debuted in June 2006 for the summer television season.

In theory or at least what the mind says to me, his dance was a crappy one. Sometimes, it would look abnormal to certain people. Look – how he has come with newly unwrapped milk-white socks with well ironed cotton dress pants and dress shirt with leather shoes to dance in an international competition. More than being hilarious he actually got through some of the rounds. It might be more of a sympathy then actual talent.

But the fact is, he has gone up there not because of his skills. He got some good fame because of his grave determination. Its not just being Pakistani I tend to say that. Even if I was not a Pakistani or a Desi for that matter, it would have given me same impression.

[America’s Got Talent (Las Vegas) – Kashif – Round 2]

I pray that may Allah make things easier for him to understand and show him the right//normal direction to put his determination on.

[America’s Got Talent: Kashif – Round 3 – Semi Finals]

So, Lahoris – (*putting all my eyes, fingers and mind towards Lahoris*) – Do you know any unknown Lahori kid that you have seen in any of those international idols outthere? Well, at least this guy has been there and done that! :)


Load Management – Riots in Karachi

The latest in news is that a protest against load shedding in Karachi went violent at Shahra-e-Faisal and ransacked a bank and a KFC outlet.

Load shedding has become a national problem that even the capital failed to avoid. However, power supply shortage has never been as accute in other parts of the country, expecially Lahore, as in Karachi which is the largest and most important city in Pakistan.

Do you think it is right to pull down a restaurant with people sitting inside just because its air-conditioning was running through private generators when the whole area was in dark?


…feeling sorry for karachi!

As every one is aware of the current situation in our brother city “Karachi”, everyone is in despair, feeling helpless, unable to do anything for his country; for his city, for anyone and even unable to do anything (at least) to save himself.

There’s mourning every where especially in Karachi. Everyone is talking about it but actually no one has the courage to speak up for his country, for his city or at least for himself.

No one is able to find the solution or I must say; no one lets to find the solution.

But what the problems and solutions are, the hurting thing is that every time it is Karachi; who has to pay for it. Now the question arises “WHY?”

Is that because it’s the biggest city or it is the financial hub or it is the home of some notoriously innocent people…?

Does it shows, how “weaker” our government is or does it shows how “powerful” our government is..?

Whatever the problem is; the solution is needed urgently.

On our part, we Lahoris pay tribute to you people (karachi’ites), you are really strong and may Allah give you more strength and solve all your problems. (Aameen!)

warddi ki sidaarat mein,

khambon ki wizaarat mein,

chaar soo andhera hai,

“roshniyon ke sheher” mein,

khauf ka baseraa hai…!

Live long Karachi!
Lahore is with you..!


Karachi under siege

Dead bodies, blocked roads, burnt vehicles, bullet marks on buildings, gun-shots; This was what we all witnessed happening in Karachi throughout the day, real and live on TV.

Khi-1.jpg Khi-2.jpg

Source: BBC News

With the arrival of CJP in Karachi, rival political parties turned the city streets into a raging battle front. Bloody massacre of innocent people and un-interrupted firing resulted in scores of people badly injured, helpless, un-rescued lying in burning buses.

The same CJP rallied in Lahore too. Throughout his 25 hours rally journey from Islamabad to Lahore, not a single person was hurt and only a few unpleasant minor clashes with the police were recorded. Then, what happened in Karachi?

We saw; we saw with heavy hearts, Edhi ambulances being attacked by thugs, frightened street children escaping the battle ground, Media under attack and people shot and wounded, lying helpless on the streets praying someone may brave these constant rounds of AK-17s and come for their help.


While, I wish I never see in my city what I have seen happening in Karachi today on TV, I must say this to the people of Karachi, ‘We, Lahoris, are with you; we share your grief, and we pray for your safety and well being.”

And, I stand up in honor and salute that Edhi driver who lost his life while saving two. May God bless souls of the deceased. Amen!

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