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Basant Festival: The Call

The Basant Night at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club was wholly sponsored by Warid Telecom. Free Warid Prepaid connections were attached to each Invitation card.

The Call put up a lively rather than a live performance. Most of the songs were from thier most recent ‘Jilawatan’ album. I liked “Sub Bhula Kay” the most.




Basant Night at Royal Palm

Royal Palm Golf & Country Club hosted a fabulous Basant Night yesterday. The function was attended by several high-profile dignitaries and foreigner guests.

The setting was at Royal Palm’s Golf practice Range.

The red carpet pathway was illuminated with lights and red salt-lamps.

Round tables were set up for a gathering of upto 2,000 people.

Alongwith great food, the event boasted of live performances by The Call, Humaira Arshad, Jawad Ahmad & Sophia; the “Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Legaya” girl, that had come all the way from Mumbai.

no basant – no bo kata this year??

Looks like there will be no basant and ‘bo kata’ this year. Government of Punjab today imposed a fresh ban on kite flying. The latest ban came after Chief Minister met with parents of two little kids who were killed the other day (kite string cut their throats). Staying away from the debate that basant should be celebrated or not, to me this is a strange decision because of timing. What exactly is the point in imposing a ban just one day before basant? Keeping in mind that people have made all sorts of arrangements including purchase of expansive door aur patange (kites and strings) and even there are large number of foreigners in lahore who have especially come to see basant. Now it would be interesting to see how law enforcement agencies actually enforce this ban (I doubt they can).
Source: Reuters

Basant over the years has become totally different from what it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. There used to be isolated incidents where people got themselves injured or killed falling from roofs or on roads trying to catch kites. But never had we heard so many people, especially children, getting killed like we have been seeing during last 2-3 years. Problem is definitely NOT the basant festival itself but the way we have started celebrating it.

I am all for basant (though I have my reservations about this year only because of earthquake). Otherwise Basant is a beautiful, colorful and cultural festival of lahore. Its a festival of common man, festival of people living in the old city who do not have many choices of healthy sports activities. For others, its probably a social event where they can show-off and celebrate culture which they dont necessarily have any clue about. Having said all that, I would also want to ensure that we dont risk other people’s lives just because we want to have fun. How can we keep the delicate balance?

In any case, its difficult to imagine my beloved Lahore without Basant.

Basant Festival Lahore I?

Basant Festival Lahore

Originally uploaded by Rehan Fazal.

Seems like a few people have already celebrated Basant. No surprise though as there was so much confusion even a day before first speculated Basant date, which later on was changed to 12th March. I wonder why Basant this time seems a bit quiet; I could only see Coca Cola doing some Basant advertisement campaign. Where are others? Are we all subdued because of all EQ talk? I wonder.

More beautiful pictures from the same guy here and here.

Economically rational?

If you think not having basant is economically rational, excuse me. Few people argued that we should not basant this year and donate everything to EQ cause. You can just go around denying people of a sport (I doubt if we have many). Plus, what they do with their money, is their headache. Everyone had been contributing to EQ cause but a sermon to spend every penny for its sake just pisses you off.

Basant in Lahore on 12th March??

I am hearing from reliable resources that Basant is now going to be on 12th March instead of this coming Sunday (5th March). Now if that is true, what made them change the date? Isn’t it already way too HOT in Lahore, specially during daytime?

vaisey I think it would have been much much better if they had kept the ban on Basant, atleast this year when hundreds of thousands of people are still without shelter up in North. Not to mention thousands will be protesting against cartoons controversy just about the same time when ‘we’ will be flying kites. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Basant rumours

Rumour has it that Basant this year will be on 26th of February. Keyword: Rumour.

Another rumour expects it to be at the beginning of March.

what;’s up with pabandi?

What’s up with ban on kite-flying? I see kites all around.

My Happy Place

That, ladies and gen’lmen, is a shot of the view from the third and highest roof of our family building, on Basant- Lahore’s annual kite-flying festival, held to mark the beginning of spring.
The building is called Nazir Manzil, after my grandfather, who received it after Partition as compensation for the lands left behind in Ludhiana. Originally built by a Hindu businessman, Rama Krishna, shortly before Partition, the facade (of which I don’t have a picture just yet) is built to resemble a ship. It still says ‘Rama Krishna and Sons, 1957’ on it too :) It’s on the corner of Anarkali, right opposite Old Tollington, across from Punjab University’s Fine Arts Department (on the right, in the photograph), and just a little up the road from NCA (on the left). The dots scattered about are actually kites :)
From the roof, Mall Road stretches adjacent to it like a ribbon, dotted with cars, and across from the building is a sprawling old tree in the P.U yard with broad leaves that glisten in the late afternoon sun. It’s also got three levels of roof, about ten rooms, pigeons in the space between our building and the one behind us and jinns in the basement! One year we came *this* close to sitting on their feet during a game of hide and seek :)

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