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When Lahore misses Lahoris…

Lahore is a huge metropolis of around 8 to 10 million people today and it keeps on growing by every minute. A vast pie of this population comprises of migrants from other parts of Punjab and Pakistan. There are hundreds of thousands of people who come to ‘Dil walon ka Shehar’ in search of jobs, education, better opportunities and an urban flavor unmatched in the north of the country. All of this gives Lahore a flavor of diversity – all blended into the Lahori way of life as you just have to spend a few years in Lahore to become a Lahori at heart.

The demographic profile of the city’s immigrant population means that a lot of people have families and relatives residing in other parts of the province. Each holiday season, millions of Lahoris flee the city to spend vacations with their families in villages and other cities. Two Eids being the biggest Islamic holidays are the times when you see a mass-exodus of people heading out of the city just to come back a night before the vacation’s over.

If you happen to be a part of that crowd or just visit the railway station, lorry addas or bus terminals, you’ll see happy faces longing to see their loved ones while climbing onto any available and affordable means of transport. There’s a dad who’s carrying presents for his kids in village; there’s a student carrying his meager belongings in a backpack hanging on to the overcrowded entrance of a Bedford bus.  Then, there’s a group of white collar office employees, dressed in white shirts and black trousers with a laptop bag, albeit empty, waiting in queue at the New Khan or Faisal Movers ticket counter. Gourmet lafafas are usually a constant at all places of boarding buses, lorries, trains, rickshaws, APVs or Qingqis.. Babus prefer Daewoo or even better, an aeroplane ride to their hometowns. To take advantage of an improved bargaining position, transporters usually increase the fares handsomely and the passengers have no choice but to comply. Not to mention huge gridlocks of traffic outbound on G.T. Road, Motorway and up/down national railway grid.

In short, it’s an interesting phenomenon to witness so many Lahoris leaving the town they love for places that they originally belong. I still call them Lahoris for the city derives it’s character from everyone that brings his/her own flavor to share with the spirit of this great city. If you happen to drive by a calm Mall Road or lazy Canal Bank on a Saturday night during Eid holidays without having to press brakes, you get a feeling that…

Lahore’s missing its Lahoris… :)

Eid Mubarak Lahore!

We wish everyone, who is celebrating or has celebrated, a very happy and fun-filled Eid-ul-Fitr! :)

Eid Cakes

Eid Cakes

Dell Eid Gala at Hyperstar

DELL Eid Gala at Hyperstar

DELL Eid Gala at Hyperstar

For all you computer enthusiasts out there, Dell Pakistan is celebrating Eid at Hyperstar on the 12th and 13th of September. They are offering amazing discounts plus lots and lots of prizes for participants and visitors. So if you want some free juice (techy type), hop in to their stalls at Hyperstar with friends or family or both.

Further details of the event can be seen on their Facebook Event page: Dell Pakistan Eid Gala 2009.

Bakar Eid Mubarak! :)

Eid ul Azha: Around the Corner!


Camel Ride? ;)

Nehr Kinaray...

Nehr Kinaray...

What are the preparations, Lahoriittes? Have you bought your sacrificial animal already? Prices would be soaring high and high … again.

Before keeping the legs aside … do remember the families around who havent tasted seen mutton/lamb/Beef since months. Probably last eid.

Loads of joys ~ from Islamabad ;)

Eid Mubarak from LMB

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Accept heartfelt Eid wishes from all of us here at LMB… Hope you have (/had) a wonderful Eid!
On this (and every) Eid, do remember those around you that are not as privileged as us… Eid Mubarak!

Time for Eid Prayer :)

Literary! If you wanna double check the timings of your Eid-ghah, here’s your chance. Or if you missed The Eid prayer in a mosque near to your home, quickly find another one.

7:15am Markaz Islami Jamia Masjid Taqwa near Qainchi Chowk Ferozepur Road.

7:30am Ideal Park Khokhar Chowk College Road Township, Jamia Masjid Makki near New Anarkali, Jamia Masjid Farooq Azam Goal Bagh Sadar Bazaar.

8:00am Masjid Wazir Khan, Muslim Masjid Lohari Gate, Jamia Masjid Takia Shadey Shah, Masjid Allah Jowaya Aabkari Road Anarkali, University Ground, Lower Mall near Jamia Masjid Al-Qudsia, Government High School Mozang Adda, Government Degree College Shahdara, 60-Foot Road Bakkar Mandi, Panjo Kahna village, Nizamabad Park Tajpura Scheme.

Special Eid Offers – Brief captures



The Charm of sending an Eid Card


Though, Eid cards are fast loosing their ground to phone + keyboard triggered Eid messages, the charm attached with sending one to a dear one is still there.


I remember collecting stamps from all of my family’s received Eid greeting cards when I was younger… Those were innocent, good days :)

Khnn-Khnnaati Khushian :)

For women, Choorian or Bangles are almost synonymous with Eid and happiness. As covered by PS earlier, all major commercial shopping areas were filled with make-shift Choori & Mehndi stalls while colors were all the rage among Kurrian Lahore Dian ;)


Latest Choori designs all the way from Hyderabad, Sindh


One of the many stalls at Liberty Market


Bangles etc. at Pace, M.M.Alam Road

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