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No air to breathe!


A sight so common now…

Flower Exhibition at Bhag-e-Jinnah



Banner speaks for itself …

No Parking

Hafeez center is, by most means, the most visited ‘plaza’ in Lahore.
Yet it only has just ‘one row’ of parking space. The rest of the cars do what they do and you have a complete cockup in front of Pace on Main Boulevard! It is amazing that when one place takes off, it takes off without any regard to basic business standards of parking space and good building design etc etc. The building of Hafeez center itself is quite weird; you feel little tremors around the central staircase.
Thanks to a few friends over at a multinational bank across Hafeez center, I end up using their parking space to go to Hafeez Center! I am sure the bank’s parking lot is full of people going to Hafeez center!
I wonder how they can improve the way-too-pathetic parking conditions for Hafeez center.?

A little of a lot of a little…

The title is confusing. Frankly, it does not add up and does not make sense. But then perhaps it does; it sounds like it does, but does it?

An inconvenient truth
, the documentary by Al Gore on global warming makes me feel this way; confused to the point of denial, but skeptical to the point of proactive inspiration.

We live in a fragile world. The city of Lahore itself has so much diversity in terms of the environment and only recently we have caught up with how the simple act of importing one tree into an eco system can change the eco system itself. One tree. The Eucalyptus tree that has been planted all across Pakistan has been covered in the media recently; it shows you how this albeit beautiful tree, when planted out of moderation context, can wreak havoc on the environment. One mature Eucalyptus tree sucks up 80 to 100 litres of water from the soil PER DAY!

That’s just one tree! What about conservation? Who will switch off that light when you know you can afford to foot the bill? Will you do it for ‘conservation’? Is it hip and cool enough yet to conserve and protect your extremely finite resources?

You have to start somewhere, you have to start some how
What better place than here, what better time than now


Partly produced by Participate Films; now this is the kind of production house that one should have here. Not only will it be economically viable to run as a business, but will also be hugely beneficial to the society at large.

Kill that history!


Garbage set on fire in the premises of Lahore Fort.

Image Courtesy of DailyTimes

Causing grave damage to structures of historical and cultural importance through acts of negligence, vandalism and commercialism, is a sad fact that most of the people give a damn to worry or care about.

Why are we, as a society, becoming so insensitive to everything that has anything to do with civic responsibility…!

The Evolution of Encroachment

At least I don’t know that this happens here, but this can happen.
Living in harmony with everything! (Like people are encourages to be living in harmony with nature!)

You, Killers!


A Researcher’s Rainy Route-Quaid-E-Azam Library

Four panicked Post-graduate students, One fast-approaching research paper deadline, Trillions of drizzling droplets of rain, and what do you get? A memorable trip down to Lahore’s Quaid-E-Azam Library, situated smack dab in the middle of Bagh-e-Jinnah, in pursuit of Library membership.

The Fajr of all fajrs

It’s sad but it is nice.
Sad coz I don’t get to do it often.
Nice coz it is something to behold and take in.
The time of fajr.
Walking to our nearby masjid and seeing three to four rows filled with ‘fasted’ people, is a sure sight to behold and take in. Enjoyable and ‘peaceful’ almost.
At least, most of us get the ‘training’ aspect of Ramdhaan right.
The early morning has more than just the morning prayer attached to it, by the way.
It is an excellent time to practice photography and how light plays up your subject with every passing minute. Also the perfect time to visit capri or inner Lahore for that hot halwa pori and that cold glass of lassi. Also the perfect time to start that freakin cricket match on a Sunday!
It is also the time when almost 90 percent of all successful people start their day.(success, understandably a relative terms, in either financially, physically, spiritually or variation thereof – and these are published research figures, not just armchair research).
It is also the time Nature ‘restarts’, in its monotonous-but-never-the-same way. And the Quran is quite clear that in the ‘hide and seek’ of the Sun and the Moon, and the rising of the day and the blanket of the night, therein is one of the biggest signs of God. As far as I am concerned, the sign is routine. Why? Refer to successful people starting their day with the Sun itself.
So, when do you start your day?

A Greener Lahore: PHA @ Work

With mission statement “Make Lahore Clean, Bright & Green”, Parks and Horticulture Authority just in seven days planted 19760 trees in different areas of Lahore according to the Jung on 18th August.

logo_pha.gif “PHA was created by merging the horticultural wings of LDA and MCL on Sep 21st 1998. The rationale for the creation of the PHA was to lend focus and autonomy to the Horticulture in Lahore, in the wake of Road Rehabilitation Projects. The main objective behind the creation of PHA was to make Lahore clean and beautiful. PHA is implementing on large number of ways to accomplish its goals. Mr. Kamran Lashari was posted as first D.G. of PHA.”

See more details on their website.

The government would plant more than 150,000 saplings in the city by September 10 and to ensure the participation of citizens, PHA offered free sapling on a phone call and as far as I know 19th August was last date to avail the opportunity. I saw their banners all around Lahore and lets hope they got the best response by 19th from Lahorees.
Logo Source: PHA website

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