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Interesting blunder at DT website

Here I was browsing through Daily Times’ website when I came across these two images mistakenly posted under each other’s label and description. This is what comes out as a result:

Image: 1


Image: 2


It would be interesting to know if they printed these as it is in the newspaper too! :)


Image 1 – Daily Times
Image 2 – Daily Times


Hi everyone…. I liked this naughty video that my friend emailed and thought to share it with you. Have a great time.


I usually observe so many different quotations, sayings, names, verses and messages on Rikshaws in Lahore, but I just read them, enjoy them, appreciate the esthetic of the writer and then forget them. Most bothering quotations for me are the ones, which show some tragedy, the “Milna, Bicharna and Sari Omer Yad Rakhna Formula”. It always makes me ask this question to myself, why he chose this tragic verse, though, on the other hand, I found them catchy too.

Bandar Kya Jaane Apple Ka Swad


This one seemed to be real fond of fruits; after all, fruit walay ka monkey jo tehrah!

a new standard..?

When I saw this sticker on the rear bumper of a bike, at 1st I thought that it’s a new sign of quality standard as I was thinking of Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) seeing the ‘PS’ sign of PSQCA.

But soon I realized that it was something else… Something funny enough that made me laugh. :-D
(see the image in enlarged view if the sign is not clear)

I could not figure out that whether it really was a new type of quality standard sign (the arrow sign confused me) or it is just a funny piece of sticker..?

EDITED: This Post “a new standard..?” has been edited on Saturday, June 16th, 2007.
WHAT EDITED: The picture was replaced with he current one. The older picture had the number of vehicle shown in the pic, so, for security reason, I had to edit it.

Die Hard 2- Victim of heat

This is one of the usual remedies to beat the heat (any childhood memories?) and I found these kids very attractive. Yes, i am pointing to their shaved heads.

Guess what?


I took this picture in the afternoon, and in the evening weather changed drastically. Its so pleasent out there now. Is ko kahtai hain “Sir Mundwatay He Olay Paray” ;)

Die Hard 1-Victim of heat


I specially asked the owner to turn its face to me, so i can have a up close look. Why they cover the eyes?

Rickshaw Graffiti

Rickshaw Art - Lahore

And no further words needed :-)


Lift kara dai?


We do observe cows or goats etc. mostly in a truck, transfering from one place to another. Its a rare occasion, if a Camal is being transported in Lahore, kabhi kabhi inn ko bhi lift chahyey hoti hai (sometimes Camals do need a lift), interesting sight for you guys.

Four Knobs wali Stylo!


At first I thought if had been super dumb in not noticing that ladies’ sandals actually have ‘knobs’ to make them fit well.

But that was only until I read the last sentence carefully…:)

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