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Scenes of happiness & celebration

Image of a city road on the eve of Independence Day

Parade at Baab-e-Pakistan, Wagah Border

An old man charged with the spirit of patriotism

Schoolchildren perform at Huzuri Bagh in front of the Badshahi Masjid

‘Manchalay’ on bikes

Youth dance to the rhythm of freedom on the Mall

Images’ Source: Dawn

Pakistan’s 60 Years of Independence

Daily Jang and The News have done an excellent job in summarizing 60 years of Pakistan’s existence through an Independence Day special issue.

The coverage ranges from transformation of Pakistani society, changing political scenario, its leaders, to all the progress made in literature, culture, education, institutions, literacy rate, health & treatment, civic system, women rights, fashion, economy, banking, defence through all these years. There also is a section on how intellectuals from around the world see Pakistan completing 60 years since its creation in 1947.

For all the information, visit Jang’s 60th Independence Day Special Edition

Wheelie the Killer!

Among all the 14th August celebrations and festivities, sad incidents of wheelie deaths were reported in the city. According to different news sources at least five boys were killed while many others were injured either minutely or seriously.

Ride it like Rossi: Many younsters fall victim to this thrill on Independence Day each year [Image: Paul’s page]

Wheelie killings are no news to Lahore now. It is only that on a special occasion like this, much more ‘manchalay’ come out on the streets and ‘celebrate’ freedom of stunt performance on busy roads causing accidents, inconvenience to commuters and to people travelling with families. Add frequent maachis-bomb blasts (match-stick crackers) around cars clogged on the Mall, Main Boulevard Gulberg or the Canal Road and here we have scared the hell out of kids sitting inside who actually were out to have a good time with their family.

Dawn reports:

At least five young revellers died and more than 180 injured on Tuesday while doing wheelie and driving recklessly on city roads on the eve of Independence Day. The figures were obtained from sources in city hospitals, Edhi centres and Rescue 1122 headquarters.

The areas where most of motorcyclists fell prey to reckless driving and stunts were Lytton Road, Township, Bhatti Gate and Sattokatla. Meanwhile, injuries were reported in almost all city areas, especially The Mall, Canal Road, Jail Road, Ferozpur Road, Gulberg’s main boulevard and Mughalpura-Shalimar Link Road.


City Towers on the Independence Day

Like almost all major shopping centres and bazaars of the city, City Towers on Main Boulevard, Gulberg has been decorated by banners, and buntings in the colours of Pakistani flag giving the place a very festive look.

Here are some of the views:





Happy Birthday Pakistan! :)


Credits: Gemintheeye’s

Groovin’ in the spirit of Independence!

No matter how old you grow or how disappointed you feel of Pakistan’s current situation, the joy of listening to Milli Naghmay (National Songs) just never seems to end. After all, we all have grown up singing music created by the likes of Sohail Rana, Mehdi Hassan, Noor Jehan, Nayyara Noor and we have our childhood memories associated with each one of their tunes.


It just happened to me and I went for some music shopping for the sake of reviving old memories and boosting up that ‘Yo! I’m a a Proud Pakistani’ spirit. And here I bought two CDs, one with the remixed versions of old classics while the other one is filled with the new age ‘Jazba Junoon’ kind of songs.


The first album labelled as ‘Hum Sab Ka Pakistan’ starts with my favorite anthem,

Hum Zinda Qaum Hain,
Paa’inda Qaum Hain,

Hum Sab Ki Hai Pehchaan,
Hum Sab Ka Pakistan, Pakistan, Pakistan,
Hum Sab Ka Pakistan!

It is immediately followed by some real great sounds of patriotism & freedom including ‘Is Parcham Kay Saaye Tullay’, ‘Khayal Rakhna’, ‘Aye Watan Pak Watan’, ‘Ye Watan Tumhara Hai’, and ‘Apni Jaan Nazar Karon’.

And here, I switch to ‘Mera Paigham Pakistan’, the other CD with upbeat new-age chants. Mentioning new-age Milli Naghmay, who can forget the unofficial National Anthem of Pakistan, yes, you guessed it right, it’s the sensational hit ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ by Vital Signs. Junaid Jamshed created magic with some more tunes like ‘Maula’, ‘ Hum Hain Pakistani’, Dil Maangay’, and ‘Qasam Us Waqt Ki’.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is no less than brilliant in ‘Mera Paigham Pakistan’, while Junoon never rocked better with ‘Jazba Junoon’. Then, there are more songs in the album by Jawad Haider, Faakhir, Fakhr-e-Alam, Awaz, Shehzad Roy and Ali Haider.

The best part about all this was the shopkeeper offering me a huge 20% Independence Day Discount that was quite a lot for a poor soul like me!

Boy, I love my country and the spirit of feeling one with 162 million souls that call themselves Proud Pakistanis!

A picture worth 60 years…

Independence Day of Pakistan 2007: Not just See but also “Feel” how Pakistanis celebrated 14th August 2007, the 60 years of Pakistani Independence.

Ceremonies are taking place across Pakistan as the nation celebrates 60 years since the end of British colonial rule.

This girl with flags painted on her face was among the crowds watching the festivities.

A man wearing a garment with Pakistani colours and the words “Long live Pakistan” raised the flag at the crossing.

Heads of the Pakistani Rangers (L) and Indian Border Security Force shook hands at the Wagah border crossing.

Fireworks lit up the sky around the President’s House in Islamabad at midnight on Monday as the celebrations began.

Keep browsing for more…

GEN-Y’s smart Independence Day offer

A clothing retailer labelled GEN-Y is promoting an offer through with you can buy any three items from their outlets for Rs.1947 only. (1947 is the year Pakistan won its independence)


I don’t know about their products though… Any reviews??

Happy Independence Day!


May this year prove to be the dawn of a new era of peace, progress and prosperity for Pakistan… Amen!

Long Live Pakistan!



First Image Source: Aaftab Sheikh at Flickr

Lahore & Independence

It is 14th August.
Take out them bikes, strip them of mud guards and side covers, paint yourself green and ride the Mall like you plan to die right that instant.


Make a plan as to how you can improve as a Human Being, how you can actually contribute to the society, your neighborhood, your city, your country and your nation. Remember, if you are reading this, you probably have an internet connection, a computer and read/speak English; in other words, you belong to a very small percentage of have’s in this society of ours. Play your part well.


You can paint yourself green and make a plan at the same time.
So, what’s you plan?

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