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City FM89 presents: World Music Day Concerts

Hello All,

Got this in my email today .. seems to be great … The Lahore concert features: Akash , Simt (excellent band), Axed, Lagan, 2d, Salahuddin, Zeeshan…

Should be a great show this saturday at Alhamra Hall 1 6 pm …

World Music Day Concert Poster

Who else is planning on coming ??? I’m going to be there definitely …

All Pakistan Music Conference

At the time of the history’s greatest migration, along with geographical disorientation, the infant Pakistan was also psychologically lost and depressed. These were dire times when simple survival as a seperate nation was the only priority and arts at such time could not be given much heed. This led to further gloom of the art lovers as well as artists themselves. Apart from radio Pakistan there was no more music in the air. Music lovers reminisced the live music concerts whereas maestros in the field of music started to crumble. At such a difficult time for music in Pakistan it was cocncerned citizens that collectively volunteered to initiate the All Pakistan Music Conference in 1959. Their main objective was to rejuvenate and relive the glory of classical music and arrange seminars, conferences and concerts. (courtesy:

Today, 49 years later the All Pakistan Music Conference maintains its poise and is held every year without fail reminding us of the art that breathes in the same ambience as we do. Classical music and dance is in the air of the subcontinent. We can choose to ignore it but not eradicate it.

The remaining APMC Festival 2008 has been postponed but the last of the few events was last month when Hajrah Khan, a Social Sciences Major from Lahore University of Management Sciences read an academic paper on “Urdu Ghazal & English Sonnet” very intricately interlacing the two and reminding us , art has no boundaries, geographical or demographic. The esteemed presence of Shaista Sirajuddin to read out the English Sonnets selected by Hajrah and Dr Arfa Syeda Zehra to recite Urdu Ghazals added to the magic.

English Sonnet and Urdu Ghazal

The research paper was followed by Tabla maestro Shahbaz Hussain from Manchester, who gave a talk on different components of Tabla(solo) playing again resembling those of an English Sonnet and and Urdu Ghazal. Shahbaz Hussain is a student of Ustaad Allah Rakha’s son, Ustaad Shaukat Hussain and Ustaad Fayyaz Khan. He has also performed with Ustaad Valayat Khan on his last concert in London. Shahbaz Hussain teaches at NewCastle University which happens to be the first university in the world to have introduced a degree in Tabla. Himself being born in the UK, his parents hail from Lahore and so here’s a son of the soil making us all proud of the fact that we share his roots. This event was by far the best account of playing any classical instrument and the accompanying talk (given in English) was surprisingly free of any (greek!) jargon  and completely comprehendable by the common man.

Tabla Talk

The best part was where he told how long ago a girl from Lahore was married into a musical “gharana”(family) in Delhi and her father gave her 500 “gats” as her dowry. Shahbaz also played one of those Lahori Gats in the end.

Tabla performance

All Pakistan Music Conference is an association which is truly (and quietly) conserving our heritage and not letting it wash away with the graffiti of all things new.

Gawaal Mandi kay Sirri Payay

Noops, I’ve no Atom Bomb Sirri Paayay to share :-p

You may have heard this version of Noori’s gawaal mandi kay Siri payyay … I just heard the OVERDOSE version here, is he Ali hamza :\ ??

Any waili soul who feels like sharing the lyrics with all readers ;-) I couldnt figure out a few things myself …!

The Festivities Begin!


As intimated earlier by Pretty Simple, the 11-day World Performing Arts Festival has kicked off from today bringing the desparately exhausted Lahorites, a sigh of relief and a breath of freshness in the environment of high political tension around.


A more detailed schedule of daily events, film screenings, artists, acts, timings and ticket prices are mentioned on the Rafi Peer Festivals’ website.

Lahore Bolay Azaadi Ki Zubaan…

You may call it commercial exploitation of the event, but, the truth is that this new advertisement by Mobilink is nothing less than brilliant.

As a tribute to Farida Khanum, the ghazal queen of Pakistan, the video of this song is supported by the legend’s very own heart-touching, deep vocals, beautiful lyrics, soulful music and some very artistic shoots of our city.

Interestingly, Farida Khanum herself lives in Lahore and you can actually feel the soul of her city in almost every frame of the video. From Platform No.1 at the Lahore Railway Station to the giant screen at Allama Iqbal International Airport; from Badshahi Masjid to Islamic Summit Monument; from Punjab Assembly Building to Punjab Hockey Stadium, and from Wapda House to streets of the Walled City, all visuals make you feel like the whole city is singing in unity for the love of our beloved Pakistan.

More on Farida Khanum: here and here.

Live Earth kicks off!

ate_live_earth_logo.gif concertclimate_blurb.gif

The first of eight Live Earth concerts is kicking off in Sydney in a few hours time. It will be followed by rocking shows each in Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Hamburg, London, New York & Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Live Earth MSN

Live Earth will be broadcasted live in Pakistan on The Musik.


While the main performances are limited to eight venues, more than 6,000 related events will be taking place in more than a hundred countries across the world. These will be hosted by people and organizations registered as Friends of Live Earth.


Pakistan will be hosting a total of five such events , themed on Live Earth, each one being held in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad & Muzaffarabad respectively. Live Earth Pakistan Events

In Lahore, LUMS is arranging a gathering on Saturday, July 7 at 7:00 PM. By far only a few people have registered and you can join them by signing up to attend Live Earth House Party in Lahore.

You can watch live video streams of the show, check latest updates, news, discussions and download wallpapers & stuff from Live Earth MSN and Live Earth.

Answer The Call : Live Earth 07.07.07


New York – London – Johannesburg – Rio de Janeiro – Shanghai – Tokyo – Sydney – Hamburg

All eight of the above-mentioned cities are joining hands to promote the cause of saving Earth and its climate by creating awareness among masses of the world through music.

We can also become a small part of this movement by making a pledge to do our best in saving our planet from ultimate devastation.

Here you can make a pledge with Live Earth:

Answer The Call: Make Your Commitment

For reading interesting articles on Environment and learning about new ways and tools of dealing with the Climate Crisis, visit Going Green

For updates, news and exclusive coverage of the 8-city Live Earth concert, visit

Naara Sada Controversial Aey!

After Billo, and Punjaban, despite of the rising popularity of his newest Album, ‘Naara Sada Ishq Aey’, ‘Parmeen’, Abrar-ul-Haq’s latest beloved has also become controversial.


There have been criticizing reports in the newspapers about fights and confrontations among people in incidents when one of the party was playing/humming the song which pronounces Parmeen more as Parveen; a very popular female name in our society.

What’s your opinion of using popular names in music humor, especially by singers like Abrar who are widely listened to in Pakistan? Do you think people are over-reacting or is it right to protest against it?

Bonus Videos:

Abrar’s Album Launch in Lahore

Album’s title song; Islamabad

Aye Mausam Rangeele Suhaane…

“Jiya Nahin Maanay,
Tou Chutti Lay Kay Aaja Baalmaa, Ho,
Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho…”

This is one tune that has not left my mind for the last couple of days; refreshing winds, drizzling drops, colorful spring, the season of love, all mixed in one blossom of elevated happiness…

Here are a couple of more visuals for you all to enjoy:




As ‘Kukkrri Malangi’ prepared for the festival!

Just a night before World Performing Arts Festival took off, I was passing by the venue and decided to look for some volunteer friends who might be working there.


As I was having a round around Alhamra, I observed interesting scenes of preparations for the big event. There was this security guard ordering his apparent juniors to obey his every command when one of them raised a bare question, at which, he had to listen to quite a harsh response.


Just through the next block, I could hear European Classical music that was up playing in some rehersal. Workers were cutting out some colorful banners and buntings for decorations while four groups of artists rehearsed their dialogues in the food court area.


After carrying out a quick search operation in vain, I left the venue with a smile on my face; a response to this funny dialogue that I just heard and what was still ringing in my ears; “Oye, Kukkrri Malangi!”

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