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Basant night unfolds despite Long March

Lahore has sadly been put under siege by the so-called saviors of democracy. All entry points to the city have been cordoned off to prevent any of the lawyers from reaching Lahore. According to its original schedule, Long March is to continue from Lahore to Islamabad on Sunday. In a ridiculous move, the current Punjab Government has officially announced Lahore’s most celebrated event; Basant to be held on Sunday too.

Reports are that despite all the chaos around, people in Lahore are celebrating Basant Night tonight. Get-togethers, parties and kite-flying competitions have been arranged on very short notice in Old Lahore as well as other parts of the city. And we even hear that two people have already died, thanks to deadly wire-strings that some people use to fly kites.


I don’t even know whether we are too indifferent or is it really not important to miss an opportunity to have fun with family and friends. On the other hand, we have history’s most shameful events uncovering as hard-core crackdown on lawyers, political activists and members of the civil society continues. More serious news is coming from blogger updates warning that the government might be blocking all mobile phone services and fuel supply as well as closing down all acadmeic institutions to thwart Long March’s progression. (Please note that these updates are not confirmed yet).

Who was behind today’s attack on the Sri Lankan team?

Teeth Maestro is currently running a poll on his blog regarding people’s opinion on who do they think planned a terrorist activity of this magnitude and significance.

Who would you blame for the Lahore Attacks?

So far, only one option gets the majority votes. Go, vote and check for yourself…

The Right Party Musical

Media frenzy parties spent millions on campaign adverts running prime time spots on major TV channels this elections. Which party do you think caused the most effect??

Where in …. World?

From a friend’s album on Facebook :)

An easy guess, no?

Will you vote in the upcoming Elections?

What say you Lahore?

Your vote, please

No lawyers were hurt during the compilation of this poll, and no, we will not send our electoral list to some dude in Canada, even if we had an electoral sheet or if we had a dude in Canada.

Hat-tip to LMB chief-of-staff Mr. Hasan Mubarak for actually using the polling ‘widget’ on his post here, and consequently showing me where to get the widget from. :) (there is no such post of ‘chief-of-staff’, although Hasan does manage the show ;) )

Liberty or BB?

According to some media reports, local followers of late Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party want, Lahore’s most iconic, Liberty Square (a.k.a Bank Alfalah Square) to be renamed after her. Please share with us your thoughts on the matter:

Name A Road Poll

This newest chic-road in town, Noor Jehan Road, might be buzzing with trendy cafes like Coffe, Tea & Company (CTC) and new upscale outlet openings including NEXT, Ammar Bilal and The Body Shop and now, soon, there will be Gloria Jean’s Coffees too; though, many people think that to rival M.M.Alam Road in all aspects, Noor Jehan Road’s name should have been something ….. different!

So, go for your vote in the following poll:

Note: If your option is not in the list, you can drop it in the comments section :)

P.S: Noor Jehan Road is the one that leads to Pepsi Factory wala area while you are coming from Liberty and cross Hussain Chowk straight without turning left or right.

Best and Worst Cities for Job Growth: Poll

Hi fellows :)…I was reading Best and Worst Cities for Job Growth and thought to have a poll for our cities to see what LMB readers think of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad in that regard generally and specifically, you can give your own list of most popular jobs and average salary of your city.

End of Shaitaanee :)

So from tomorrow WE are going to change and become “acha bachaas” (the naughty Shaitaan is going to be incarcerated and for sure leaving us accelerated and fighting with the momentum), as the holy month of Ramadan has begun. My you all have a blessed Ramadan.

Here is a pole to get the idea that how many of us like to RUSH to homes for a family Aftari on FIRST Aftari and how many people prefer to sit on their office desks and enjoy in a different way.

~~~~~~~AND what typical Lahoree food you want to see in your Aftari and Sahri menu, at least on FIRST Sahri/Aftari?~~~~~~~~~

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