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Should he or should he not?

What is your opinion on Nawaz Sharif’s decision to return to Pakistan??

a. He has done the right thing to challenge the Government when its position is most unstable.

b. He should have honored his commitment to Saudi Arabia and should not have come back.

Lahore also Rated G

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Does anyone has a doubt? 8-)


Idea & link taken from IMB which also shares the same rating.

14th-Just After Four Days~~Poll

Hi guys. Lets vote to know how many people out there are gonna celebrate it :)

Which Auntie do you condemn the most?

Auntie Shamim


Maulana Auntie

What Lahore drinks in Summer…

When I scored 61% on the ‘How much Pakistani you are’ poll, I was told to celebrate my Pakistaniat with a glass of Lassi. That brought me the idea to see how most of us quench our thirst in summer here. So, here you go:

I’m 61% Pakistani; What about you?

Arey, you are 61% Pakistani!


Shabash puut, your score puts you in the ranks of the REAL Pakistanis! Have some lassi to celebrate – maybe it’ll encourage your true character to come out more often.

How Pakistani are you? (first class number one!)
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I thought myself to be more patriotic!

Anyways, A for [pine]Apple at Islamabad Metblog , from whom I borrowed this quiz, scored 63%. That was just because she lives in the capital…;)

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