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Those of you who keep a track of evolving e-shopping trends around the world must be aware of Groupon. ‘’ is an e-business that offers group discounts to users on it’s network of partner merchants. In easy words, shops and businesses register with Groupon and offer a group deal to customers. The group deal comes into effect only after a minimum number of customers sign up for it.

Following the success of Groupon in the West and similar sites like SnapDeal in India, a Pakistani company Allainet has recently launched

This platform is based on the principle of up to 90% discounts offered on group activities. For instance, if there’s a deal on, you can get its alerts after an easy 3 step subscription process i.e. via email, Twitter, Facebook and SMS. Once you register for that deal, you’ll be issued with a coupon via either of these mentioned means.

If successful, this model will create an interesting channel for merchants & small businesses to achieve scale and offer their products and services to a wider audience. In addition, more established businesses will also benefit by reaching out to customers by offering customized deals to specific segments. is currently offering it’s services in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & Quetta. You can try it by registering at their website and get a chance to win an iPhone.

Lahore’s burning hot, man!

With temperatures averaging around 42 degree centigrade, Lahore’s experiencing its hottest times of the year. And if sun’s not taunting enough, loadshedding will make you cry for sure! :P

It is really interesting how artists and copy writers pick, from the changing social fabric of a society, ideas for creative writing. The day before yesterday, I saw an advertisement from Servis Shoes titled ‘Loadshedding Sale’ with amazing discounts on a complete range of shoes at their stores.

Maybe loadshedding is not that bad; especially when someone’s talking about shedding the load of sky-high price tags. So, head for it. *toot parro!*

Booklovers’ Paradise: 23rd Lahore International Book Fair

Once in a while you come across an event like the annual Lahore International Book Fair which acts like a healer to many of our daily life’s routine troubles and much of its monotony. An event which transcends the barriers of social class and creed; a place where you can lose yourself in a crowd of book lovers, spend hours and yet not get bored of it at all.

The 23rd Lahore International Book Fair, being held at Fortress Stadium Grounds, has started from Februrary 14 and is going to continue till 18th of this month. Iqbal Academy, the organizers and their sponsors this year, Zong and Express Media Group, should be appreciated for supporting Lahore’s biggest book fair which has grown in size and popularity over the years. At the same time  Lahore International Book Fair has also become a regular mark on the city’s spring calender of exciting activities.

Just as you enter the make-shift yet spacious venue filled with books, books and books all around, it gives you an overwhelming sense of serenity while watching crowds of visitors indulged in reading, browsing or just roaming excitedly provides you with a satisfaction that people still do read. And a lot of them do it still now!

The Fair is hosting about 30 to 40 different publishers, book houses and agents. All big names in Pakistan including Vanguard, Liberty Books, Paramount, Sang-e-Meel, Ferozsons, National Book Foundation, Oxford University Press, Cambridge Press, Lahore’s own beloved Readings as well as publishers from India and the United Kingdom are present with mounds and loads of ‘readings’ to offer. There is also a visible presence of publishers of the Holy Quran and other interesting Islamic multimedia products for children.

Most of the stalls are giving lucrative offers and discounts ranging from 15% to 25% which will help you extract the maximum utility out of your limited budget especially if you are a student.

Even if you do not plan to purchase any books, it is highly recommended that you should visit the fair, roam about, browse through stuff and enjoy the essence of a literary phenomenon which is fast depleting from our society.

Suicidal Sale Offer!!

While going through the newspaper’s main page a few days back, I came across this advertisement for a company bragging about its durable glass works by putting up ‘Bomb Proof’ in bold letters heading. And it gave me no surprise to find more references to the security situation of the country, bombings, political chaos, economic downturn being used in advertising punch lines, and as a way to capitalize them in pursuit of individual or corporate goals.
Suicidal Sale Offer

Suicidal Sale Offer

After all, this is what capitalism is all about i.e. whatever the circumstances be, one who exploits the right opportunity wins and makes good money. So what if we donot have ample electricity, hail those who manufacture and market generators, UPS systems; what if the security situation is deteriorating, it is benefiting the manufacturers of ‘bomb proof’ glass. Similarly, why can’t the kapra farosh shop-walas in Liberty, Shah Alami or Siddiq Trade Centre use ‘Suicide Sale Offers’ to lure more customers in…

Why is ‘Aata’ now available?


And they say it was an artificial crisis caused by smuggling of wheat to Afghanistan, Central Asia; fueled by evil intentions of the stockists; worsened by unplanned exports by the government; and hyped by bulk consumer purchases…

What factor do you blame the most?

Frilz: Magic of Threads by Ash

Kream Og Koffee (sorry if I am spelling/naming it wrong, because maybe I never liked the place/maybe its dementia) is no more there at Hussain Chawk now. FRILZ replaced that coffee shop with its magic of threads offering very brilliant unstitched, computerized machine-embroidered clothes. The display is superb, the stuff is outstanding if compared with Motifz (MM Alam Road). Designs are really really eye-catching mainly on chiffon and georgette with irresistible color schemes. I must say the designer has got incredible aesthetic sense.
9th Dec, one day before opening

10th Dec, the opening day
Since I was short of time on 10th, I made it there on 11th. Prices vary from design to design…but to give you guys a general idea range is from 1500 Rs (only) up to 3000 Rs (only) PER YARD (…gross na!!?) , matlab Too Much bhiiiiiiiiiii. They also got embroidered laces a couple of hundreds per yard, but don’t forget exclusivity is expensive.

Frilz is definitely a perfect addition in that area magnifying the shine of MM Alam :).

New T-shirts in town

Have you seen these “I love Lahore T-shirts” available in all sizes for both men and women on amazon, no? Here’s your chance.

Always know, it’s never too early to shop :)
And shop till you drop :)

Btw the “SHOPZEUS.COM” label is just a watermark in the picture :)

Caanchi & Lugari

Caanchi & Lugari is new on MM Alam Road, they surfaced at the beginning of Ramadan. It’s a retail store, offering grand and enchantingly fabulous display of accessories of some internationally acclaimed designers, price range is #%$#^.

*Interestingly, these Italianish names are Totally local, yup, they are nick names of the owners, that is the least that the confused manager could muttered about it, so don’t get confused with Lugari & Lughari, like I got.

A shopper’s delight

Makro, a thorn in supermarkets’ side, a nightmare for commerciual ussers, an onslaught against the oh-so-ever-increasing prices, now has a rival. With the opening of a new wholesale center METRO cash & carry Pakistan on Multan Road, Lahore near Thokar Niaz Beg, today. Metro.jpg

The groundbreaking ceremony for the location took place on April 4th 2007 in presence of the Chief Minister of the Punjab, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and Lahore City District Nazim, Mian Amer Mahmood. With an investment of €15 million, the company plans to open wholesale centers in all major cities of the country. These cities include Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Hyderabad. Offering a wholesale price that leaves the customer room for healthy margins and provide a one-stop-shop for the customer, hopefully.

The presence of both Makro and now METRO, the global rivals, might strongly urge the supermarkets to reconsider their prices.

Kurtanama – A guide to men’s Eid Shopping

Guys, Eid is almost here, and if you still are craving to make a point that the male-kind also have a right to spend on Eid grooming, head towards one of your nearest Kurta shops.

This season, almost all major designers bring out exclusive Eid collections and many are offering good discounts on some products too.

Here’s a short guide to Kurta shopping in Lahore:

Amir Adnan

More expensive as compared to other substitute brands. Designs especially for this Eid are not really impressive, plus, there is something not so special in simple white Kurtas with a single embroided line priced at Rs.2000+
The good stuff is mainly in the bride-groom section pushing the price into multiple 0s.

Quality: 7/10
Variety: 6/10
Style Quotient: 5/10
Affordability: Rs.2,500 upwards
Overall: 6/10
Where to find: Amir Adnan outlet at Siddique Trade Centre – Main Boulevard Gulberg

Junaid Jamshed

Stuff is pretty cool with vertical stripes as the current ‘in’ thing. Good quality fabric, tempting designs, attractive colors. Better than Amir Adnan for now at least.

Quality: 8/10
Variety: 8/10
Style Quotient: 8/10
Affordability: Rs.2,000 upwards
Overall: 8/10
Where to find: Junaid Jamshed outlets at M.M.Alam Road, Fortress Stadium, Model Town Link Road, Y Block DHA, Allama Iqbal Town


Aijaz Aslam is rather a new-comer to Lahore’s kurta scene and has stepped in with some cool stuff. Kurtas at Aijazz are more wearable, are made up of good quality fabric in interesting designs and are incredibly affordable to buy…

Quality: 8/10
Variety: 7/10
Style Quotient: 8/10
Affordability: Rs.1,500 upwards
Overall: 8/10
Where to buy: Aijazz outlet at Siddique Trade Centre – Main Boulevard Gulberg


More of the simpler stuff, comes in huge variety and the best part is, Bonanza kurtas can be worn on normal days after Eid too.

Quality: 8/10
Variety: 9/10
Style Quotient: 6/10
Affordability: Rs.1,700 upwards
Overall: 7/10
Where to buy: Bonanza sections at HKB (all stores), Enem Store – Liberty Market, Raja Sahib – Model Town Link Road

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