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Startup Insiders ~ Nourishing Young Entrepreneurs

Experiences, insights, thoughts and ideas were shared in abundance at the 6th Startup Insiders session held on February 24 at the LUMS campus.

With quite an active, participating and respectably patient audience, though limited to almost 50 individuals, the session took off in high spirits and was able to maintain it throughout.


Main topic of discussion was ‘the ways of finding, identifying and targeting the right customer’ as an entrepreneur specifically in the Information Technology industry which was very intelligently moderated by Jehan Ara [President, P@SHA] and Jawwad Farid [CEO, Alchemy Technologies].

SInsiders2.jpg SInsiders3.jpg
SInsiders4.jpg SInsiders5.jpg

Everyone benefited from listening to and questioning some of Pakistan’s most promising IT entrepreneurs including Zafar Khan [Sofizar]; Faisal Qureshi [Kolachi Advanced Technologies]; Fahd Bangash [Amaana]; Zia Imran [Vahzay]; Umar Saif [BumpIn; Chopaal] and Jawwad himself. Almost all of these people started off with just a few individuals and have tasted success of varying degrees.

SInsiders6.jpg SInsiders7.jpg
SInsiders8.jpg SInsiders9.jpg

The most refreshing aspect of the session was the desire as expressed by all panelists to help and guide people who really want to break barriers and are striving to make a mark for themselves and their country. It was very heartening to see these people actually willing to share and spread their success among promising stars of the future.

Startup Insiders #6 – February 24

si-logo-small.jpgThe announcement below is taken straight from Green & White and Jehan Ara‘s blogs:

Startup Insiders is coming to Lahore again on the 24th of February. This time the event is supported by LUMS and will be held at the LUMS Campus itself.

An incredible panel is aggregating together again, and this time fans of Jawwad wont be disappointed:

* Faisal Qureshi, CEO, Kolachi Advanced Technolgies
* Zia Imran, CEO, VahZay Pvt Limited
* Jawwad Farid, CEO, Alchemy Technologies
* Salim Ghauri, President & CEO, Netsol Technologies
* Osama Hashmi, CEO, CDF Software
* Jehan Ara, President, P@SHA
* Fahd Bangash, CEO, Amaana
* Zafar Khan, CEO, Sofizar
* Dr. Umar Saif, Founder,, chOpaal and Associate Professor, LUMS

The theme for this session is:

Who is my customer? How do I find him or her? How and what do I sell?

The session details are:

Date: February 24, 2008
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: Lahore University of Management Sciences,
Room A11 & A10, Ground Floor, Main Academic Block

As always, this is open for all aspiring or seasoned entrepreneurs. For more details and guidelines, visit Green & White, In the Line of Wire and Desi Back to Desh.

A note to organizers and attendees: As much as I would love to attend these sessions, I have unavoidable reasons that make it impossible for me to be there – my only beef with the last SI session in Lahore are all those pictures-less post-event posts! I hope we’ll get to see tons of pictures this time around! :)

YouTube blocked!

While trying to access a YouTube link to video proof of electoral rigging in Karachi as suggested by Bilal Rashid, I was disappointed to find it altogether dead.

Other fellow bloggers also fear an unfortunate block on YouTube across the Pakistani web-world blamed on a series of varied factors; posting of blasphemous videos; Aitezaz Ahsan’s GEO interview; or Karachi poll rigging videos.

Where are we headed now??

LMB on Facebook

Now you can find us at the hottest place in the cyber-world:


Metroblogging Lahore on Facebook

Ufools at Ufone

Happiest moments in life come for free, but then if you are calling up a mobile service provider’s customer service (Ufone for that matter), it probably is not done in a happy mood. Most of the times, it’s going to be a connectivity issue; balance loss reporting or a complaint about some SMS addict junkie asking you to send codes to win prizes.

Well, for the unhappy situations when the customer ‘has’ to call their call centre, Ufone has decided to charge a handsome amount of Rs.0.50 + tax. Ufone claims:

Dear Customer, To ensure swift response at call centre, from 1st of November all calls made on 333 are being charged @ 50 paisas + tax per call. Thanks

Well, this might seem as a decent excuse however, considering their parent company, PTCL’s now infamous Pakistan Package activation scam, this looks like another way of exploiting customers and depriving them of their well earned resources

Startup Insiders – A Must-Attend Event!

StartupInsiders-Logo-GW.jpgThe brilliant people at Green & White and P@SHA in collaboration with tech leaders of our IT industry have started the Pakistani version of the renowned BarCamp – and after the resounding success of the first edition in Karachi and another scheduled on Thursday for Islamabad – the geeks and nerds would land in Lahore and assemble at Vahzay’s premises on 1st of February, 2008.

Date: 1st February, 2008
Time: 1800 hrs – 2100 hrs
Venue: VahZay Pvt Ltd. 19-A1, E-II, Gulberg-III, Lahore
Directions: From the Liberty roundabout on Main Blvd. Gulberg, go towards Qaddafi stadium. When you get to the roundabout just before the stadium gate, make a left. The Hockey stadium should now be on your right.
Go about 200 meters and make a left in the first street you see on your left. There is a Punjab Book Board office at the corner with a big sign up-front, hard to miss.
Go 100 meters and the first gate on the left is VahZay. There is plenty of parking along the wall that runs in this street from the turn all the way to VahZay gate.

Have a look at this map.

Entrepreneurs who will be there include:

Imran Zia, CEO, VahZay
Kewan Khawaja, co-CEO, Techlogix
Monis Rahman, CEO, Naseeb Networks
Osama Hashmi, CEO, CDF Software
Sajjad Kirmani, VP, Netsol Technologies
Fahd Bangash, CEO, Amaana
Hasan Rizvi, CEO, Five Rivers Technologies
Shehzad Ahmed, CEO, Descon

Who should attend? Quoting Osama Hashmi of G&W:

Bring everyone around you who has the spark to change the world but doesn’t think there is enough support from the industry to get going. These people are here to help.

Bring your demos if you’re looking for funding, bring your ideas if you’re looking to start on the demo.

Bring your cameras and camcorders.

Finally, bring an open mind so we can all have a lot of fun, sip some deep deep coffee and talk startup.

This is your chance to draw inspiration from the people who’ve ‘been there, done that’. The event is FREE and OPEN TO ALL – it’s an event not to be missed. So, come one, come all!

More details can be found at:
Green & White
P@SHA News
In the Line of Wire

Internet/Telecom Outage in PK

There have been a serious damage to PTCL’s backhaul fiber optic system which has caused a major outage for internet /telco systems in PK specially Lahore. ISP’s using TW1 backbone are working fine at the moment but all other ISPs behind PIE/PTCL backbone are suffering from this. I have managed to write these lines due to a satellite link around.

Initial reports are coming in that one of the Telco exchange in karachi (perhaps Marson or Cantt.) is the center point for this outage. Will keep you posted once their is an update.

Lahore: Modern trade city

Punjab Minister for Trade and Investment, Mian Mohammad Shafique has said that industrial department of the UNO has lauded the ongoing industrial development in the province and based on the said development, a programme has been launched to enhance production capabilities on modern lines and overcome the problems in this regard.

During a meeting with a delegation of traders in his office on Dec.11th 2007 he said, that a modern trade city is being established in Lahore over an area of six kilometers where every kind of industry would be allowed to set up and local and foreign industries would be able to introduce their products. The project will eliminate poverty and unemployment from the province as 3,000,000 people will be provided training and job opportunity while 70,000 people will get employed at local level, he added.

Souce: The News

Wish for a Dish

With a media black-out in place, the news hungry citizens of Lahore are also indulging in a craze for satellite receivers to get the latest happenings on Pakistani satellite TV channels.


Image by Sichuan Video Electronic Co.

Prices for these ‘dishes’ are on the rise in Lahore and Karachi where you can buy a Rs.5,000 system now for Rs.8,000 to Rs.11,000!

The world might have progressed in technology, but what’s ‘in’ in today’s Pakistan is reliving the bygone era of Satellite Dish Antennas…

Lahore imagery updated on Google Earth

This latest update was done on 2nd October 2007 but from the looks of it, the satellite imagery is probably from around mid-2006. Anyhow, it’s still worth it. Explore Lahore like never before (again!).


GuessWin competition after the hop – Lots of ‘imaginary’ goodies to be won! ;)

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