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Lahori Badshahs Champions of Indian Cricket League : Imran Nazir fires 111* in 44 balls in 3rd Final

Video 1: Watch Imran Nazir smash Sixes
Video 2: Watch as Imran Nazir shares secrets of sixes after collecting $10,000
Video 3: Watch Lahore lift the ICL cup, celebrations & joy, as Lahore celebrates
Lahore Badshahs beat Hyderabad Heroes by 8 wickets to lift ICL 20s Indian Championship.
Inzamam Ul Haq receives the Winners’ cheque worth two crores. And he lifts the sizzling ICL trophy too. Celebrations all around as firecrackers light up the sky.
The highlight of the win was a sparkling unbeaten century from the dashing Imran Nazir plundering 111 runs off only 44 balls; studded with 7 fours & 11 mighty sixes. The Knock also too Imran Nazir to the top of the leading scorer list for the tournament. Imran Nazir was fittingly declared man of the match. Nazir also won the Haywards Soda Solid Six award of US $10,000 for longest six of that went 140mts in the same match.
Rana Naved Ul Hasan wins man of the series award; wins 40 Lakhs rupees, Dish TV digital set top box, Luminous inverter & electric bike.
Detailed Scores

Winters, Chaman ice cream and Saadiq dry fruit

I am sure a lot of people would agree that they develop certain craving for icecream during winters, so i am not alone. Chaman ke ice cream is famous, very famous yet cheaper, you can get three whole scopes with mouth-watering fruit and cream dressing topped with dry fruits in just 60 Rs. I admit, my aim was just to get some dry fruits from Saadiq, next to Chaman but i simply could not resist the urge for thandi thaaaaaaaarr ice cream, ie, killing two birds with one stone :p.

I heard they use only fats to make this ice cream (?), in fact i am pretty sure that they use big portion of fats because its too greasy (still tasty), thats what my inner chef told me ;), who exist right there inside every Lahori. However, having such a treat once a year is not harmful (…justifying..lolz) but if you question about quality…..ummm and compare it with some imported ice cream, sadly, it will disappoint you.

Khair, Chaman is famous, it rocks and rules, ( bus keh dyaa :D )….. so readers, right after reading this complex criticism, don’t think too much, go and grab a bowl of ice cream right away…and enjoy your Lahori winters.

Ali Baba and more than 40 thieves

Pakistan has been on an extended begging expedition. Travelling 11,089 km to New York to beg. Travelling 2,749 km to Riyadh to beg. And, travelling 2,091 km to Abu Dhabi to beg.

While all this begging is going on, 40 new cabinet members have taken oath. The government already spends Rs 600 billion a year more than its income and now, we have 40 new ministers. The government already incurs a loss of Rs 2 billion a day — every day of the year — but the strength of our federal cabinet now stands at 55. Don’t forget that we also have a dozen ambassadors-at-large, advisers and others with the status of a minister.

How much does a minister cost? (more…)

Well-deserved (OR mother of all rants)

Nothing to cheer you up, I am afraid.
I got a comment on an older post of mine, where the commentator, while praising my writing style (!!) told me that it is cute that I have mentioned just great tragedies in such ‘by the way’ manner. I do not know about the writing style I possess, but I do know that frankly, folks, how else would one deal with what is going on around us?

Doing business in Lahore is getting harder by the second, thanks to the one hour light show (without lasers sadly). Only a few days back, I realized that all of our collective wealth has been reduced by a whopping thirty percent in a matter of 90 days! (thanks to the dipping ruppee). I have been seriously contemplating generating all my income from online sources, and have been asking people for help and advice. Yours will also be welcome.

Lahore comes to a stand still after every hour. Have any of you been talking to people? Take any industry. Take your freakin’ pick. Textile? The whole night shift, gone (that’s 30 percent productivity right there). How about agriculture? With Rs 950 per Mnd for wheat, we are still cheaper than everyone else i.e. watch how our wheat gets hoarded and smuggled to neighboring countries setting the stage for the mother of all food crises. How about exports? Rice is fetching the lowest expected rate in the market, why? Because the small and medium type shellers can’t work on one hour after every hour basis, that’s why! Count in the record-and-back-breaking inflation coupled with the previously mentioned light show, put some Zardari induced toppings for flavor and some mysterious policies that no one knows about for color and you have got yourself a headache in your stomach folks. This all may be cute in some way, but it is high time we did ‘something’.

Protests are old fashioned it seems. The lawyers I know curse the lawyers movement for keeping their account books empty for over a year, yet the movement is the only protest that bore some fruit. Only to be quietly and quickly sidelined by our I-smile-at-you president and his party.

How about correcting one’s self, being in a position to stay on the right course while being given the opportunity to bribe, con or flex some political muscle? How about playing the cards right this time? How about paying those taxes? How about not bribing the buildings department’s bugger to let you keep the third story of your office plaza? Let him doze it down, it is alright, you deserve it. How about conserving your electricity rather than going ballistic on your electricity meter? Naah, it seems we as a collective society, deserve this. We deserve the Zardaris, the PPPs, the MQMs, Jamat-e-Islami’s and the Dark Knights of all flavors. I mean, look at us. More than 30 percent of our electricity is stolen every second of the passing day. Imagine even if half of those thieves had a conscious? We’d have 8 hours of load shedding in Lahore instead of the current 12 perhaps. The milk you drink is as corrupt as the magistrate taking 10 grand for a deal. The illegal scotch 90 percent of the media personal ‘syphon’ out of hotels is as haraam as the maulvi telling you that only and only your sect is the right sect. The irrigation water you steal, the monthly you pay the WAPDA lineman to keep the meter ticking deathly slow, the wink you wink to the cop to make an arrangement for you, the line you jump because you can and the hatred you display whenever given a chance, this all leads up to this. Yes, this.

Welcome to our own doing. Settle in, grab some friggin’ cold popcorns, a warm coke and a fake smile, it seems to be a long show.

P.S. If it is any interest to you folks, do check out the latest review of Toyota Vitz at

(FREE) Twenty20 Cricket in Lahore

Qaddafi Stadium Panorama, originally uploaded by MKZee.

Yes, the RBS Twenty20 Cup started yesterday in Lahore. Pakistani national team players are part of all teams. I enjoyed the match between Islamabad and Peshawar last night, with my friends, under the lights with healthy crowd and music.
Best thing is, it’s free and all you need is to bring in your National ID card to get into any game. I advise you to bring your own drinks/snacks to enjoy during the game. It was great to see many people in groups and with families.
Thirteen Regional teams divided into four groups will participate in this tournament. A total of 18 Matches will be played at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore and LCCA Ground Lahore. Top team from each group will play the semi finals and the winners of semi finals will fight for the championship in the final. The Champion team of RBS Twenty 20 Cup 2007-2008 will participate in the Champions League in India in December.
Eleven matches of the tournament will be held in the Gaddafi Stadium and will be aired live on Geo Super. The First match at Gaddaffi Stadium will start at 1 pm, Second match will start at 5 pm and the last match will start at 9 pm. Semi Finals on 7th October will start at 5pm & 9 pm while the Final on 8th October will be played from 7pm to 10 pm.

Schedule for today 5th and tomorrow 6th of Oct matches: Click here

FINALS Twenty20 Cup Schedule (Free Entry with National ID)

7-Oct- Tuesday

First Semi Final Gaddafi Stadium Lahore 1700 PM
Second Semi Final Gaddafi Stadium Lahore 2030 PM

8-Oct- Wednesday

FINAL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore 1900 PM……………………..Enjoy !!!

Shoaib Akhtar is part of this Twenty20 Cup in Lahore.

Lahore ahoy!

Although I have taken longer breaks than this one from blogging about Lahore, I feel that so much has been happening that I have not been ahem-ahem opinion-ating on.
Of course, it does not matter who wants to listen to what I have to say. The point is that Lahore and other events around us, seen from the eyes of one person is in all probabilities, bound to be different from yours. This gives you more perspective. This in turn, gives you more to think about which in turn, helps you adjust and improve. Add Blah blah blah ad infintum.

From where I sit, a lot has been happening. And has happened. For a highly personal take on how I have been seeing it, in bullet form for effect :), read on.


  • Almost as if he never was here, Musharaf is not heard of. Amid pretty much nothing, he has managed to just pull a Mr. India* and simply disappear.
  • Zardari started flirting openly. A lot of us started taking notes.
  • Lawyers movement get boring enough to silently exit the lime light. But people who are focused and more purposeful, stay the course. My prayers at least, are with them.

Society, People & Culture:

  • Marriot goes. With a loud enough bang. Fingers keep pointing, loudmouths keep barking and people keep dying! Almost as if a fashion statement, our media tries to make Sept 20th as our Sept 11th. London has 7/7, American has 9/11, at least we din’t rhyme with our 9/20. Or whatever. A sad situation got even sadder.
  • Hamid Mir finally got depressed enough to say what I believe only Hamid Mir can say.
  • I find inspiration in the fact that a single person can change himself and his society. I disagree with practically all of their suggestion, but that always remains a debatable issue. Lahore in specific, and Pakistan in general needs people like these to take the action that no one else seem to think about. Faisal Qureshi tries to go for a solution and Sohaib Athar writes powerfully.
  • Eid came suddenly. For the first time, enjoyed the ensuing chaos, including my first trip to a ‘choree waala’ in Main Market. A mosque in Lahore celebrated Eid one day later anyways, claiming a stake in the overall confusion that plagues the nation, and the media played the devil by letting everyone know about it (like this?!?!).

Doing business

  • Lahore office rent is like Lahore’s weather; totally unpredictable. You have to search to get the right deal. I tried, found the best deal I could have imagined, only to move out of the office 6 months later.
  • Doing business from here becomes harder. One of my business colleague finds it hard to convince his ‘American connection’ that his call center can handle the business, purely because it becomes riskier for his ‘goraa’ client to book into a Hotel; the damn places keep blowing up!
  • My web design blog gets the lowest monthly average of visitors for the last two years! I again find comfort in blogging about life and make new friends; people who are monetizing the Internet in the most ‘cutting edge’ of ways, on purpose :) . I find creative money makers. DjFlush and his Sizlopedia is and should be an inspiration for us all.
  • After researching for a local Pakistani car on the Internet, I get frustrated at the lack of proper car reviews, specific to the Pakistani market. I finally get around to launching a small blog about cars in Pakistan.

I have seen a lot of hope amidst so much of chaos. Bridges are getting built in Lahore as hotels are being burnt and blown in Islamabad. The political looters are honing their skills as media personal begin to have a heart. People are celebrating a ‘rocking’ Eid (with fashion shows, dance competitions and what not — Pathetic!), as friends and family with a heart as seeing every day as an opportunity to do good for the people around them. Improve and help not the world, but one person at a time. That is how the world improves anyways.
God bless and good luck to us all.

Suicidal Sale Offer!!

While going through the newspaper’s main page a few days back, I came across this advertisement for a company bragging about its durable glass works by putting up ‘Bomb Proof’ in bold letters heading. And it gave me no surprise to find more references to the security situation of the country, bombings, political chaos, economic downturn being used in advertising punch lines, and as a way to capitalize them in pursuit of individual or corporate goals.
Suicidal Sale Offer

Suicidal Sale Offer

After all, this is what capitalism is all about i.e. whatever the circumstances be, one who exploits the right opportunity wins and makes good money. So what if we donot have ample electricity, hail those who manufacture and market generators, UPS systems; what if the security situation is deteriorating, it is benefiting the manufacturers of ‘bomb proof’ glass. Similarly, why can’t the kapra farosh shop-walas in Liberty, Shah Alami or Siddiq Trade Centre use ‘Suicide Sale Offers’ to lure more customers in…

Lahore observes Ramzan




Pakistani Starfleet’s HQ @ Lahore

Kenny Irwin is US based artist, with Pakistani Starfleet Series on Flickr. I really love his love and dedication to Pakistan. Among his art there are lot of Lahore photos of Starfleet. Hope you Enjoy it!!!

More of his art can be viewed @

Sep. 13 and 14 | MENSA Test – Lahore

The Mensa IQ test is being held in Lahore on 13th and 14th of September.


The timings are:

LGS Johar Town

Saturday, 13th Sept at
1:30 – 2:30
2:30 – 3:30
3:30 – 4:30


LGS Defence

Sunday, 14th Sept at
10:30 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:30
12:30 – 1:30
2:30 – 3:30

The ticket price is Rs. 350. Ticket can be bought on spot.

There will also be a talk by Mr. Faisal Qureshi (founder chairperson of Mensa Pakistan, host of looseends, Breakfast at Dawn and Ankahi) at LGS Defence on Sunday 14th Sept at 1:30pm. The topic for the talk is Youth Responsibility.

Mensa Pakistan is an affiliate of Mensa International, The World Wide Higher IQ Society,

The aim of the organization as described under its constitution is, “Mensa provides a forum for intellectual exchange among members. Its activities include the exchange of ideas by lectures, discussions, journals, special-interest groups, and local, regional, national, and international gatherings; the investigations of members’ opinions and attitudes; and assistance to researchers, inside and outside Mensa, in projects dealing with intelligence or Mensa.”

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