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A Ferrari in Lahore!?

Recently, I saw a Ferrari in Lahore. Can anyone guess where this photo was taken?

While on the subject of cars, I took this photo of a very patriotic Mercedes near Model Town

Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Zindabad

Lahore From the Sky, part I

Greetings!!! As one of the newest writers for LMB (and let me tell everyone what an honor I think it is to write for such a prominent blog), I wanted my first submission to be something about Lahore that everyone could enjoy.

Last summer, I received a very special birthday present: A charter flight over Lahore. I recommend the experience to everyone. Since I managed to take some photos with my camera phone, I decided not to let the experience go to waste and so endeavored to put them on the internet. The result: my first attempt at blogging.

I’ll be posting the remaining two parts of the series soon.

Gadhon ki Baraat

Donkey Road Trip!

Donkey Road Trip!

First ever Lahore Rally held @ Ravi River Banks

Lahore rally was held on the bank of River Ravi from under Sagian Bridge to the bridge on Motorway and back to the starting point. It began at 8 am and continued till 5 pm with 60 racers from across the country participating. The racetrack was of 9.5 km. Sindh Minister for Food (Nadir Magsi) won the race.




The Future …

… lies where?

Too much to spare!

Too Much to Spare!

Too Much to Spare!

Streetlights in DHA wide awake during afternoon hours when they are supposed to be sleepin’. Not to mention that we are witnessing the worst electricity shortage in history…

Only in Lahore…

The series continues… :)

Source unknown – got this in a forwarded email.

Lahore as Kipling Knew It

THOUGH Rudyard Kipling lived only five of his 70 years in Lahore, they were the most crucial years of his development as a writer. This rich confection of a city, whose great Mogul buildings and street life evoke the deep hues and sensuality of a miniature painting, was where the teen-aged Kipling cut his teeth as a newspaperman. Lahore provided the setting for some of Kipling’s greatest stories, as well as the raw material for his somewhat misunderstood view of East and West.

Though now obscured as a tourist destination due to its location 15 miles inside Pakistan, Lahore was the heart of Kipling’s India. Between 1882 and 1887, he worked there as the assistant editor of The Civil and Military Gazette, combing the back alleys of the old, walled city for stories and material for his later fiction. Like the Irish street urchin, Kim, the hero of his greatest novel, Kipling used Lahore as a base to explore the rest of the subcontinent.

Armed with the Penguin edition of ”Kim,” I set out for the Lahore Museum, where Kipling’s father, John Lockwood Kipling, had been the curator and where the first scene in ”Kim” takes place. The novel opens with Kim sitting ”astride the gun Zam-Zammah on her brick platform opposite the old Ajaib-Gher – the Wonder House, as the natives call the Lahore Museum.” It was while astride the gun that Kim meets a Tibetan lama, whom the boy then escorts into the Wonder House.
The Zam-Zammah (Urdu for lion’s roar) is known in Lahore as Kim’s gun, and, except for the brick platform that has been replaced by marble, the copper and brass cannon looks exactly as Kipling described it; a massive icon of imperialism over 14 feet long, mounted on wooden wheels that are well over six feet in diameter. And the Wonder House opposite is just that; in my opinion one of the world’s great underrated museums.

How Inviting!

The company’s got some nice marketing team … otherwise who can put such a huge rickshaw driver wanted ad?

I’ve never seen such a jubilant rickshaw driver ever :)

Courtesy: Daily Express

Shape of Things to Come!

All things being equal, A 10 year old can predict the future of our country as well as our City. Its matter of days now that Zardari will be our new president. Our economy will be in greatest depression of all times. Value of Rupee will plunge deeper. Food  and Electricity crisis is gonna get worst.

The trouble in our north and west is going to be more complex day by day. A massive human tragedy is about to unviel itself. 300K Bajaur Refugees were just a trailor. The Movie is about to start fellows. We are about to see a major influx of refugees in our large cities very soon.

Wee will see more of them in our City

We will see more of these in our city soon

I am not being naive nor I am being negative. just stating what will happen if all things kept equal. An I have painted a very optimistic picture above.

The people at helm of affairs are struggling very hard to keep the status qou. Little do they know that when status quo breaks, It takes everything away with it.

I am not sure how we as citizen of Pakistan and Lahore can change how things are.  At times it becomes very depressing. Our Circle of Influence is actually much smaller than we think..

Our circle of influence is much smaller than circle of concern!

Not a good way to start the week, but all things are still equal so.. wtf…! Let’s eat….

Me: What’s in the breakfast?  Aslam!!!!!

Aslam: Naan Chollay!

Me: Naan Chollay Again!!!!??? I hate status qou!!!!

Dad: Shut up and Eat….

Me: :(

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