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Bhayya ke kabab

It is quite easy to get addicted to the Bhayya ke kabab. Amazing in taste but there is one downside – You will never like the regular seekh kababs once you have tried these. Read more here.

Butt Karahi

There is absolutely no way you can make a heavenly taste like butt karahi at the convenience of your home. You have to move your ass to Lakshmi Chowk to feel the real deal. The picture above shows a desi murgh that was standing right next to me, alive .. and in all of its glory, around half an hour before I took this picture. However cruel it may sound, this means it is FRESH. The degree of yumminess is unbeaten. Read the full review at this link.

Doodh soda

Lahoris are in love with doodh soda. It (sort of) runs in our blood. Aftars in Ramadan are incomplete without pakoras and this enchanting beverage. I wonder who would have come up with the idea of mixing two liquids of entirely opposite characteristics? Perhaps the following excerpt from its urban dictionary definition can explain its archeological origins. Even if it doesn’t, it is an amusing read:

Raj: “Auntie ji, can I have something to drink?” 

Auntie ji: “How about some goat milk?” 

Raj: “Nah, goat milk is soo yesterday, anything else?” 

Auntie ji: “I have just the thing!” 

(Auntie ji pours some cola into the milk, thereby pioneering the greatest beverage of all time.) 

Raj: “What’s this?” 

Auntie ji: “Its dudh soda, you‘ll love it!” 

(Raj takes a sip) 

Auntie ji: “And?” 

Raj: (speechless, lost in euphoric bliss)

I have no intentions of spoiling the buzz you get out of this, but here is something important for you to know

  • All soda beverages contain phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid loves to react (bind) with and consume calcium [source: this link]. 
  • Milk is an excellent source of calcium. 
  • When combined together, soda will consume almost all the calcium from the milk by the time it reaches your lower intestine. This calcium was originally meant to strengthen your bones, teeth and what not.
  • After having a roza for 12-14 hours, your body is in dire need of some sugar (to avoid hypoglycemia) which is fulfilled by the soda and you feel refreshed. However, you also need calcium and magnesium which have gone down the toilet (literally) due to phosphoric acid [source: my wife]

Enough of the healthcare. If you like it, don’t think twice, have it as much as you want. If you want to be a little creative, try this italian style doodh soda. Have a thanda thaar Ramadan .. !!

KB Burgers


KB Burgers

KB Burgers

When it comes to nostalgic association with food, for me, nothing comes close to KB burgers. From the looks, it appears to be yet another street burger stall in Lahore, but don’t let that deceive you. It has the most profound and unforgettable taste of all the street burgers. I know I sound biased, but you have to give it a try. You can read the complete review at this link

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