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Bomb blast in Islamabad (another…), a Pakistani speaks about his (live) experience

Ali Trimzy, who is moving back to his beloved country Pakistan from US after staying there for more or less 10 years, writes:Today my belief in Allah’s power and what we call Qismat was re-enforced.

One of the things I learned while in overseas (is to stop when a traffic police man tells me to stop), literally saved my life.

I was on the other side of the road trying to make a U-turn when the suicide bomber hit the policemen in Melody chowk today. If I had not stopped because a traffic policeman signaled me to stop and told me that I cant make a U-turn, I would literally have been less than 5 feet from the suicide bomber. Luckily I stopped and being on the other side of the double road it placed a distance of around 20 feet between my car and the bomber.

Somehow I was lucky enough to only have minor cuts and bruises while some really sharp pieces of metal landed inside my car and completely missed me.It was one of the most un-nerving experience of my life since Ojri Camp and also one of the saddest. I would really hope such events would stop in our country and as I fail to see what they achieve except for killing many innocent.

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