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Lahore Beggars

Coming back to streets of lahore! i drive around at different place but when i come at any signal to stop my car, the beggars starts to come car by car for asking money. Well, in my heart i feel pain and help poor people asking for people, may be one or two rupee can do it. But as a society i have to think why these so many beggars are present at every signal and places asking for money. Are we really poor or potrait to be poor society.

The beggars on streets and roads of lahore are very organized and they are multiplying with time.
i define the lahore beggars in few categories.

1)Old Beggars
Amma jee and baba jee, the old people who come to you and ask for money.
these old people use to accept anything whatever you give but some dont take money less then
Rs.10 Rupee. This shows a new attitude in beggars due to high cost of living.

2)Family of beggars
One lady holding son in one arm and asking for money, once you give some money to her
her daughter will come to you, if you have given to her also, the son or another small child will come
for asking more money.

3)Smart Beggars
They come to you and asking for money by telling you a problem e.g.
One person on bike come to you and ask u, pls help me as i dont have money to petrol
Pls give me some money for bread or Pls give me some money for traveling back by home town
which is out of lahore.

4)Newspaper Beggars
The unsuccessful newspapers agency which no one bothered to read, they hired small boys for
distributing newspapers on signals, if you dont buy the newspaper, they ask you for some money

5)Glass cleaner Beggars
if you stop your car and the car is dirty, the small boy will come to your car and start cleanning
if you tell him to stop, he wont, untill you really get angry. So the small boy will clean your front
and back car window and come for asking some money.

6)Cursing Beggars
These beggars have their own terms, they can be old person wearing rings or some snake-man who
shows snake dances or it can be monkey-man, these low profile jugglars in early 80’s, earn money by show tricks but now they ask for money on signals or shops or coming at your home.

7)Accidental Beggars
These beggars have some physical problem like arm or hand is not present or they dont have leg
or burnt or some other physical or mental problem. I can understand, they might be requiring money
and prefered on other people.

8)Naked Beggars
These beggars are very few in lahore, few slices of clothes are present on their body and these old
men are walking naked on main roads. Once one man was standing in center of main road facing to
traffic and not wear clothes and yelling to the coming cars towards him. This incident recently happened few days back near link canal road joining Mall and Jail road.

9)Healthy Beggars
These beggars looks quiet okay, who can work but they are asking money as they find its easy to
earn money via begging.

Well, these all above people should be stopped, as they creating problems for themselves and us
due to them, traffic jams can happen and we should not encouraged them by giving money as i think
you can give money to really needy person who u know rather then on streets as these people play
with your emotions. The police present on signals should stop such people on roads and we can stop them by not giving money.

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