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Lahore under Fog

As fog envelops Lahore, there is a marked change in the activities & moods of Lahorites. Everyone just has to get out and see how foggy it really is. Children get thrills out of the fact that simply exhaling air gives the illusion of smoke and adults find similar pleasure in now being able to get out for a walk, have a barbeque or do whatever it is that they feel like doing with the change in weather.

I snapped these photographs at 9am (tried but just couldn’t drag myself out of bed earlier :P) and had the most refreshing early morning walk. Tomorrow might be just as foggy as today so lets see how that unfolds.

On a serious note this change in weather brings about it own set of dangers. So everyone who will be driving in such conditions is advised to read the guidelines given by the National Highway & Motorway Police and to generally be a little careful on the road.

Enjoy the fog while it lasts!

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