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Shape of Things to Come!

All things being equal, A 10 year old can predict the future of our country as well as our City. Its matter of days now that Zardari will be our new president. Our economy will be in greatest depression of all times. Value of Rupee will plunge deeper. Food  and Electricity crisis is gonna get worst.

The trouble in our north and west is going to be more complex day by day. A massive human tragedy is about to unviel itself. 300K Bajaur Refugees were just a trailor. The Movie is about to start fellows. We are about to see a major influx of refugees in our large cities very soon.

Wee will see more of them in our City

We will see more of these in our city soon

I am not being naive nor I am being negative. just stating what will happen if all things kept equal. An I have painted a very optimistic picture above.

The people at helm of affairs are struggling very hard to keep the status qou. Little do they know that when status quo breaks, It takes everything away with it.

I am not sure how we as citizen of Pakistan and Lahore can change how things are.  At times it becomes very depressing. Our Circle of Influence is actually much smaller than we think..

Our circle of influence is much smaller than circle of concern!

Not a good way to start the week, but all things are still equal so.. wtf…! Let’s eat….

Me: What’s in the breakfast?  Aslam!!!!!

Aslam: Naan Chollay!

Me: Naan Chollay Again!!!!??? I hate status qou!!!!

Dad: Shut up and Eat….

Me: :(

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