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Seventeen and a Half Minutes

Pizza Hut’s waiters are friendly, and insist on speaking in English when you speak to them in Urdu (I notice that people from Karachi talk to waiters in English always. Why is this?), but the best is the time they tell you to wait before being served: fourteen and a half minutes, seventeen and a half….hehehe stopwatch le kar bethna chahieye ;)

The Art of Pehalwani (Local Wrestling)

There was a time when being a Pehalwan was a way of life, an art and a passion. Thousands of people used to watch Rusum-i-Pakistan which was a very popular event in Lahore (just like a one day cricket game these days). You could easily find many Ukhara’s or Akhara’s (kinda small stadiums where traditional wrestlers exercise) in the city with Pehalwans doing their routine exercises but not anymore. I have some wonderful childhood memories of having Khalis Lassi (sorry folks, I don

Pic of the day


Motorists pass in front a small and beautiful mosque , opposite to Gaddafi Stadium ,on Ferozepur road .


full moon at cuckoos.jpg

continuing excursions into the touristy places here, viola – cucoos. it’s a restaurant and an eerie museum of things old and eclectic. it’s a fishy, weird, somewhat expensive place – and it has a very weird, tiny winding staircase that you climb to get to the rooftop.

E-Z Cures

I’ve been noticing for the past few days that apart from ladders stretching up into jaamun trees (what’re jaamun in English? I don’t think there’s a word) and the increasing proliferation of challi wallay (which is never a bad thing :D), there are men with a wooden box mounted on the back of their parked bicycles, with small plastic bags containing pieces of pink-red something hanging from their handlebars. After a day of trying to guess what they were- candied flowers? some kind of aam-papar equivalent? rat poison?- I asked my driver (who is the fount of all knowledge, it seems, flowing forth regardless of solicitation).
It’s goat lungs!!! The baggies have bits of chopped goat lung that people can buy to utaro-fy nazar, or for sadqa. In other words, you buy it to transfer the effect of dodgy magic or the evil eye into it, sort of, and then you toss it to the birds. Kind of like a mini-sacrifice of sorts. Innn-teresting: salvation in a box.

they’re growing faster and faster!

detroit! :D
welcome to our party for you :)

…sunset near Khayaban-e-Iqbal…


Khayaban-e-Iqbal meets up with Walton Road, and leads you into the Defense Housing Authority turf of Lahore. Pictured above is a roundabout known as “Ghora Chowk” (ghora means horse in Urdu). I pass by here often ,and it never looks better then at dusk.

Books Street

The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) is planning Sunday book bazaars at at Shadman Chowk, Gaddafi Stadium, Liberty Market, Model Town and other major areas in the city once the rainy season ends. Word is out for the the establishment of the Book Street — Thornton Street.

Local Bodies Elections

Candidates have finally started campaigning for local bodies elections, expected to be held in August. Although Election Commission of Pakistan still hasn’t issued official schedule or the code of conduct but we are now begining to see signs of door-2-door campaigns in some areas of Lahore. Banners, wall chalking etc is not allowed but nobody seems to be paying attention to these rules. Last week Lahore police cleaned-up some parts of the city by removing banners, posters and other advertising stuff from streets, walls etc but the very next day, it was the same old story once again.

Good wishes from India!!

The other day someone posted this comment on one of my ealier posts which wasn’t published as the comment was posted too late.The comment was full of positive vibes so i decided to write about it here. The comment makes me thank its author and wonder why none of the indian cities features on Metroblogs?

Hi Dudes,
It is nice to see a blog from and about the city “Lahore

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