where’s the food?

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Because, you know, any blog or webpage or whisper about Lahore would obviously be incomplete without mention of the foodstreet. :) It’s wonderful and glorious and lit UP…and somehow, the only thing that’s really struck me about the place has been the lights. The food isn’t amazing, it’s NOT the best food that you could have in the city. It’s just the lights, the colours, and music, because a little of that could never hurt when thrown in.

The first time that I ended up there, it basically seemed like a glorified boat basin, expanded into a rather huge street. I guess the fact that food itself is so clearly a celebration here is the point. Lahoris do like to celebrate their food :)

Another time that we all went there, a little hesitantly – it was late – about 11 pm, maybe later. The huge gates on either side of the street had been thrown open and we were oogled by late-night traffic, donkey carts and darting motorbikes in transit. And one of my friends helped me get a pound of fish to get fried for my mother.

It’s almost like visiting an ancient village, where the natives put on a special show for you just so. :\ Each night, rolling in the food, rolling out the carcasses. There’re tourist shops lining the place merrily ticking away on fake souveniers and kites that come in all sizes.

But foodstreet’ll probably be one of the first things to show off to every second person to land in Lahore. For a long time.

Source: www.shelleys.demon.co.uk/ pak20042.htm

Consider this part 1 of more posts to come on Lahori food, since, you know, we do it best an all =) Feel free to join in.

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