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That, ladies and gen’lmen, is a shot of the view from the third and highest roof of our family building, on Basant- Lahore’s annual kite-flying festival, held to mark the beginning of spring.
The building is called Nazir Manzil, after my grandfather, who received it after Partition as compensation for the lands left behind in Ludhiana. Originally built by a Hindu businessman, Rama Krishna, shortly before Partition, the facade (of which I don’t have a picture just yet) is built to resemble a ship. It still says ‘Rama Krishna and Sons, 1957’ on it too :) It’s on the corner of Anarkali, right opposite Old Tollington, across from Punjab University’s Fine Arts Department (on the right, in the photograph), and just a little up the road from NCA (on the left). The dots scattered about are actually kites :)
From the roof, Mall Road stretches adjacent to it like a ribbon, dotted with cars, and across from the building is a sprawling old tree in the P.U yard with broad leaves that glisten in the late afternoon sun. It’s also got three levels of roof, about ten rooms, pigeons in the space between our building and the one behind us and jinns in the basement! One year we came *this* close to sitting on their feet during a game of hide and seek :)

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  1. yasir (unregistered) on July 8th, 2005 @ 4:46 am

    bet never noticed that! though I live just across the road at 13 fane road (guess would be able to rob State Bank some day). never mind, when I get back to Lahore tomorrow, I would be keenly looking at Nazir Manzil too!

    watch out Lahore, here I come again!

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