Lahore’s Geography

Pitras Bukhari wrote in ‘Lahore ka jughrafiya’ (Lahore’s Geography) that Lahore is growing so fast that one day Lahore will be a province and Punjab will be its capital. I read it while in school and I seriously doubted that. Those might have been 50s or 60s era when Pitras Bukhari wrote the article. Today his saying is even more true.

Lahore in 1963

This 1963 map reveals that only the area from walled city to jail road and cantt was populated. No signs of Ichhra even, which is densely populated area now. Behind Railway Station, Misri Shah up to Mughalpura show some hints of development; perhaps because of Mughalpura Railway Workshop.
(Also note that until late 50s Lahore was the biggest city of Pakistan, when Karachi out-grew it in early 60s, attracting people from all corners of the country for work created due to port. Karachi also absorbed the biggest chunk of migrants coming from southern India at the time of partition.)

Lahore in 1912

This earlier map shows the city of 1912. The area shown here is old city from walled area up to Mozang. The part of Mall Road which is heavily loaded with Victorian architecture can be seen. No Cantt, no Garhi Shaho, no Mughalpura. Old city as seen in the picture is quite mingled up and you can’t navigate through easily if you have bad sense of directions.

The city grew even faster as the work concentrated in Punjab’s capital and that was the time when people actually started to move to cities for better work opportunities. Now the city is 10 times of what was in 1963. Lahore is really GROWING!

I reckon, if Lahore doesn’t stop growing with this pace, the day is not far when Lahore will be a province.

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  1. mina (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 12:44 am

    wow! where’d you get the maps from? brilliant….did some of what you talk about in courses at lums taught by pervaiz vandal, they were thoroughly engrossing. i don’t think lahore will ever be THAT big, but the urban sprawl of it is shooting out like mad.

    and patras bukhari is SO funny…hehe…loved his ‘patras ke mazameen’

  2. Jangli Jagga (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 4:56 pm

    hehe.. just ripped them off from the net once I landed in lahore. couldn’t find a latest one! so you’re trying to say that I can teach at LUMS? :P will seriously think about it, abhi tam nishta kana mara!

    Pitras is actually hilarous. I loved his ‘kuttay’ and ‘mebal aur mein’. what a character!

    I read that while as GM of radio station he was shot with a paper weight by then Governer General Mohammad Ali Bogra. pity that these beaurucrats can never respect anybody; plus, the fact that Bogra was retard too!

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