Celebrity Sightings in Lahore…

Celebrity sightings in Lahore aren’t dime a dozen. Or am I hanging out in the wrong places?

To my credit in my two years and 3 months of being in the city I have spotted, shrieked, and rudely pointed at only 3 people who could be classified as celebs. I say ‘could’ because in Pakistan being famous is by virtue of the “Big fish in a Small pond” phenomena. Alrighty, so first up was the shoulder-brush with Ali Zafar at Gol Market in Defense Housing Authority. Seeing that it was three in the afternoon and his hair was reasonably limp, I think he was just out for some coffee at hot fusion. Could be wrong. Onwards. I am listing these sightings in matter of my proximity to the celeb,not chronologically. For that, I’d need a better memory. Next up, Samina Peerzada at the Holiday Inn on Edgerton Road during the month of December two thousand four. There were various British Council exams going on at the time, so the lobby was packed. When the seas, pardon, the masses parted to let Ms. Peerzada and off-spring through is when I glimpsed her. She was wearing one of those black wooly poncho things. And my most interesting sighting was the new Pepsi spokesperson, the teen with spikey hair that defies gravity comparable to Japanese anime characters, outside of a bookstore in M block market in Defense again. Hair was spikey,but I didn’t spy him drinking or wearing anything Pepsi. I best be getting back to immersing myself in Lahore city-life, who knows, I might run into someone who’d pose for a photo. *crosses fingers*

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  1. MAHBOOB AHMAD (unregistered) on August 16th, 2005 @ 4:13 pm

    hmmm…well u get glimpses of celebs in lahore

    i lived near the radio and tv stations so i got to see a lot of them. the other places i’ve seen them has been at weddings or in gulberg. i’ve even met some personally in theatres.

    the oddest place where i ever spotted a celeb was in what used to be the british council library. the star in question was arbaaz khan. no-one recognized him though.

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