I don’t cast my vote!

There are three primary reasons:

First; I hail from the city where we don’t have local body elections. Hence, no right to vote.
Second; I still can’t decipher all these acronyms NAZIM, COUNSELLER (don’t even know if this is how they spell it!) et al. Plus, what purpose they serve (if any).
Third; What’s the use of casting my vote when we have a tyrant in charge. Yes, I said that.

Earlier in the day, I felt an urge to go out and shoot some election velection photos, but then my perpetual laziness took over and I settled to reading a book instead. Sorry, but I suspect others would have done something. Care to share?

Aaaaaaaaaaand, we had 19 deaths. 10 in Lahore only. Now, how’s that? Anarchy at the grass-root level, must I say?

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