And the winner is … Bunny Rabbit :~P

Strangest/weird thing has happened today. First of all, those of you who didn’t vote in last week’s local bodies elections, shame on you :P, and those of you who voted know how confusing and complicated ballet papers were this time. They just had symbols of candidates and NO NAMES at all. So not only one had to remember the symbol for each candidate, 6 in total, but also the seat s/he was contesting. Even the same symbol was given to two different candidates at times. Election Commission of Pakistan is known for its mis-management and blunders but they have set new standards this time around.

So anyways I had to vote for 6 different candidates but I could only recall symbols of 4 candidates (I only knew candidates by name) whom I was supposed to vote. This was the crunch time so for remaining two, I quickly decided to vote for sab se cute looking sybmbol wale candidates, naturally it was the Bunny Rabbit :D. Later, I discovered that my younger brother and a couple of my frineds also voted for rabbit in similar confusion and none of us had any idea about that person.

And today I was looking at the results section of a local news paper and surprise surprise, that cute looking bunny rabbit I voted actually won defeating last year’s winner, hehe ;o). A new history has been created since whoever I have voted in the past ended up in loosing side (ok ok it’s not what you think.. hehe).

One more observation, on average each polling station in urban Lahore has atleast 700+ registered votes (where I voted had 715 votes in total). Now that means if you have 8 hours of polling, there are roughly 38 seconds (480 minutes/700 votes) to cast one vote which is practically IMPOSSIBLE. From start to end, it takes atleast 8-10 minutes to cast a single vote. There is NO WAY to cast more than 30-35% votes in each polling station (and that is only if polling staff is doing the most efficient job in the world). If you go to rural areas one polling station has atleast 1500+ votes and I have seen a lot of results where voting was more than 60% (30 seconds per vote). Official figure of overall voting is around 50%. Now how in the world is this possible??? Ye kaisi Dhandhali hai ;o).

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  1. Jangli Jagga (unregistered) on August 29th, 2005 @ 11:40 pm

    Gee, we have a number cruncher here! Great comparisons, hmmm… I hope somebody takes notice.
    Btw, I would have preferred ‘What’s up dawg?’ over ‘Ye kaisi Dhandhali hai?’ ;)

  2. Jamal Ahmad (unregistered) on August 30th, 2005 @ 7:39 pm

    haha, nice observation and you’re very right in your numbers theory.

    There was no rabbit where I voted and I had to vote for a bull :D

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