I don’t have a picture to supplement this post…

But well its something that i wanted to know others’ opinion about…

Have you ever observed people going past you on the road?…provided that you’re not driving the car, it’s a pretty interesting exercise:)

Although I may appear offensive to the aunty drivers here…but i’d never believed in the philosophy of ‘all women are bad drivers’ until i explored their expressions while driving myself! give it a try sometime!

Observe that almost all the uncles driving their cars would be jovial…or atleast looking around at the world…(read women) but the aunties are either in an extremely ‘sara’ howa mood, or scolding their kids or gripping the steering wheel ever so tightly!!

I do some driving myself…and even if someone tells me i do any of the above..i will ofcourse DENY all accounts of it:D

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