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Went to Wagha today (had always spelt it Wagah though :s). I’d gone there about four years ago too, and had been immensely entertained. This time round though, I was quite quite disappointed.

They seated us at the bleacher-type place, like some kind of strange cricket match was about to begin…obviously segregated. This very strange man, who I’d dubbed Pakistan Man, wearing a green kameez with the flag emblazoned on it, and a white shalwar, brandished a large flag all around. Jumped around all over the place, getting the crowd to chant Pakistan Zindabad, and other naaray over and over and over and. Seemed very forced and very show-offy.
But that’s not the worst of it.

For an hour, we were subjected to hoarse cries proclaiming undying nationalism. The songs being blasted on this side were on SO loud as to drown out whatever songs the Indians were playing. And everytime the Indians started chanting something, someone on this side started screaming bloody patriotism.

If it was a cricket game, I might’ve understood.

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But it was a border ceremony. Nationalism can’t possibly exist without hatred for everything non-national. Especially a country that apparently helps one define one’s own nationalism. It just seemed silly and futile, the kind of things a 6 year old would do to prove that he’s better at fighting than his arch enemy. All a strange kind of foreplay with no substance. Everyone chanting those naaray…did they even ask themselves why? At a border, where you can SEE people at the other side…shouldn’t that be an excellent oppurtunity to establish contact? It was such a blatantly proud exercise in building walls despite everything that’s recently been happening.

On a somewhat related note, i REALLY REALLY wanna go to india :p

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  1. yasir (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2005 @ 2:59 am

    I’d never been to Wagha, but I would love to get a feel of the atmosphere there. I actually spent quite a time at Mughalpura but never happened to visit the place.
    And yeah, I would also like to visit India. Atleast, Jalandhar – my ancestors’ city.

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