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Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz set up a Government Relief Fund and announced 10 million rupees for relief fund, but I’m wondering would this be enough for an area spanning over hundreds of miles of dense population. I admit, having abandoned TV long ago, I didn’t have a damn clue of the magnitude of havoc in practical. Having spent all my life in Islamabad, earthquakes wre no such as new-thing for me. What unsettled me the experiences and people I had to go through during my journey to Islamabad yesterday.

One in the bus. As I boarded the bus for Islamabad at about 8 PM last night, I hardly had any clue to what comes next. Everyone here and abroad was calling up to ask if everything’s okay. Just I was having these thoughts, the guy sitting beside me was anxiously calling up people in panic. It came to me that he belonged to Azad Kashmir, a district named Bagh. He told that 4 of his family’s houses collapsed in the quake and killed 7 family members including his grand-mother, one relative grand-father and many others. He put on a brave face but the panic and frustration can be felt in his voice as he still had two little sisters and two neices and other 6 family members in the wreckage. He didn’t seem to make contact with his uncle’s family in Bagh to inquire about the latest situation. I pray that his family members are alive and fine. Adding more the misery was the fact that there were no special buses available for people going up to Islamabad and further north, at all the bus terminals of Lahore, despite high fares. And trains are scheduled more strictly.

Another one when I touched down in Islamabad at Faizabad bus terminal. I didn’t notice the poor couple was standing near the taxis line until the taxi driver asked me for the permission to take them along to F-10 Markaz where they thought they have brother of man’s wife burried alive in the wreckage of Margalla Towers. Sadly speaking, this poor couple belonged to Chongi Amarsidhu, Lahore and had no money to pay for taxi’s fare. If you could stimulate your brain nerves to imagine left stranded in such a miserable situation. I tried to help with few hundred rupees I had at the moment. The man was on the verge of crying with tears when he grabbed the money. He couldn’t utter a word. There are many others around, who have either lost family, friends and loved ones in this horrific earthquake. The best thing is helping the people around you, else you can donate to relief funds established by Government and some NGOs. I’ll try to post more information on where to send in your money.

Signing out, l will be happy to help anyone in Islamabad. I’m in Islamabad till night, but you can still ask and I have contacts to be of help.

You can use this number to call me up anytime: +92 333 5500088

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  1. Leftistoe (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 12:01 am

    There are a lot of people abroad who just want to get that one phone call through to Pakistan to find out their friends and family are fine and you have offered to do just that. What a sensible offer of help.

  2. yusra (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 6:22 pm

    I have missing family about the Margalla towers…I have thier pictures and discriptions, can you please help me pass around to rescue workers, hosipitals or who ever. How can I find names of those resqued or desceased? please guide me and help. I feel so helpless being far away from Pakistan at this time.. God bless you for your add…my email is

  3. yasir (unregistered) on October 10th, 2005 @ 8:14 pm

    Yusra, we all pray your family to be fine. One of the two Margalla Towers collapsed. If you can please pass on the details, I would be able to help.

    You can email us directly. We’d be happy to be of help.

    May Allah bless your family, Amin!

  4. sammye Richardson (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2005 @ 9:52 am

    I am an American of Pakistani origin, and was initially relieved to find that our family was safe.
    But no sooner had I heaved a sigh of relief I found out that my families driver of over 25 years a Kashmiri himself like the rest of us had lost his six children and wife upon his return to his village in Azad Kashmir.
    He found two of his children had gone shopping with an uncle who lost his own children but saved his brothers two kids because he was away from the house.
    His three other kids were found under the rubble after three days.
    He lost his wife and one child.
    To this date I do not know should one rejoice at the news or bemoan the loss of the lost.

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