a question or idea of sorts…

What is being seen on most channels i.e. BBC, GEO, AAJ, CNN….is that media teams and reporters are reaching far flung areas where aid hasnt reached yet…

while we all complain about the government’s inefficiency, which is definitely very unfortunate…we must and can also look at ways of how to solve the problem….

a friend of mine suggested that maybe a few volunteers…preferably medical help…could go along with those media teams…if they are the only ones that are reaching those far-flung areas? Maybe the presence of even a single doctor there would help at least SOME of those that are injured..

I just saw a report on aaj tv where a woman breathed her last in front of the camera..it was unbearably heart wrenching…can’t ANYTHING be done for these people?
all the relief efforts that are being done must now consider proper distribution of the goods/funds collected as well, as reports from muzaffarabad say that there is now some of goods being wasted..efforts should be geared towards getting these surplus goods to the villages higher up..even if it has to be delivered on foot!

we must save those who are alive…it just pains me too much to see the intensity of the disaster itself and now the agony of the survivors that CAN be saved..but lie in uncertainity knowing not if they will survive the horrors and the remains of this catastrophe…..

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