Pakistani family names newborn baby Estonia

Jaywalker commented on one my entries here. Another cute little story so I am posting it here.

People are working on coming up with computerized system for that. Hopefully, we’ll have accurate information soon.

Meanwhile, there is another uplifting news at Dawn website:

Pakistani family names newborn baby Estonia after delivery doctors TALLINN, Oct 20 (AFP) The family of a baby girl born have named her Estonia here in honour of the emergency medics from the Baltic state who delivered her, the Estonian rescue team said Thursday. “This is the kindest gift we could imagine being given, to have a Pakistani child who was born in our tent named after our country,” Tauno Suurkivi, head of the Estonian rescue team in Batagram said. On Saturday last week, eight Estonian rescue officials had put up a huge medical tent in the devastated town. By the following day, nearly 1,500 patients had already been treated in the facility. “The number of victims is huge and the need for medical assistance is increasing all the time. The situation in Batagram District is stabilising, but some areas are still isolated from outside world,” Suurkivi said. “There is a lack of sterile materials and other medical equipment, and a big need to provide tents, food and medical aid to people who have lost their homes and are located in the areas which are hard to reach due to the destroyed roads.”

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