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I was going through some old editions of The Tribune when I found this very interesting article about Lahore. Written by an Indian author, Rajan Kashyap, who visited Lahore last year. When he mentioned Edwin Hall of The Forman Christian College, it suddenly brought back some wonderful memories. Memories of two amazing years of my life. I think I will write about those good old days but not now, soon hopefully.

It’s strange that I never visited any of my old college or school once I finished my education there. I have my own reasons. A lot of my friends still love go back and meet their old teachers, see their old class-rooms and everything but I never did. Do you guys visit your old schools or colleges, even after so many years? And if you did, you miss anything :) ?

Lahore – the very name stirs a yearning in millions in the country. It beckons those who once lived there as well as those who merely heard about it. On a much awaited visit to historic city, Rajan Kashyap discovers that Lahorias are as vibrant as Punjabis on this side of the border.
Read here by Rajan Kashyap.

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  1. Opee :o) (unregistered) on October 29th, 2005 @ 2:36 pm

    No Darwaish, I never thought of going back to my college yet. Though I had good times with the places and don’t have bad experiences at all. I remember when I was leaving my school (St. Anthony’s), I had a crying feeling that I would miss this place. But later, I didn’t. Same feeling overcame when I left Government College for Pak-AIMS. And I still remember The last night at Pak-AIMS when it was total Pin Drop silence all around.. Friends had already left for home saying adios and I was all alone there. Thinking, where would life take me from here and that I would surely miss this place. But – I didn’t.

    We should visit the long forgotten places. It keeps you alive the tendency of knowing oneself deep. The evolutionary process one goes through .. to judge and to evaluate that what we were and how we reached the place we are now at.

    I also read the post by Mahboob. Totally an awesome mail I would call it. I had a feeling that I actually was walking with him, picturizing all the areas he discussed.

    It does revive and revitalise some feelings and childish emotions within us which the practical world overshadows somehow every passing moment. Jana chahiye. Feel karna chahiye. Yaad karna chahiye, Shukar karna chahiye.

    Thanks for sharing DARWAISH and MAHBOOB! I adored your stuff. :)

  2. Huss (unregistered) on November 1st, 2005 @ 9:56 pm

    Wow Edwin Hall havent heard that name for a while.
    Just ran into this site, I do visit FC college even took my kids for a coke to “Mheeday ki Dukan” but cannot remmember the names of all the hostels, what was it Kennedy, Velte, and there was a west hall as well wasnt there??

  3. Hassan (unregistered) on November 11th, 2005 @ 2:07 am

    I just Love LAHORE!
    Im mad about it…it is an amazing city…its a blend of ancient and modern traditions…and the desi culture and the cultural activities make it the worlds most beautiful city!
    give a visit n see 4 urself!

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