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Every ramzan, at a specific time ranging from half an hour before iftari to about ten minutes after, drivers lose it. Cars start flashing beams on and off repeatedly, drive over people’s lawns in clouds of smoke, and nudge you in every direction in a desperate effort to get somewhere before iftari.
I can usually understand their urgency, but it’s how they behave – as if they’re the only ones on the road who’re fasting and who’re in a hurry – that really gets to me.

Humanity First- Serving Mankind!

Till this time, HF has carried out many relief operations in Kashmir, NWFP and Islamabad. It’s a multi-national charity working for the cause of humanity and is registered in UK, USA and Germany. If you are not in Pakistan and looking for a well-trusted organization to fund in for the cause then you can click on Humanity First.

You can visit Daily South Asia Quake page of HF for updates on relief.

In the USA, in partnership with GeoTV, HF has organized a walkathon in six cities on 6 November. You can get information on this walkathon by clicking on the links mentioned as:

Walkathon Guide

Walkathon Registration Form!

Walkathon Flyer!

General HF Flyer!

Humanity First’s England Chapter web site is Humanity First UK.

Humanity First’s Deutschland Chapter web site is Humanity First De.


The Canal Chaos

These pictures are my way of observing, feeling and experiencing the chaotic traffic flows on the Canal…



my wishlist!

Heres my wish list, to add to the pool:
1. to have Anthony Hopkins study in Law College,Punjab University Lahore get to have Fahrenheit911 screened in Shabistan Cinema have the River Ravi filled up with water(thats something that used to be once upon a time!)
4. to have loads and loads of flower beds in Lahore! see Nicole Kidman riding a chingchi in a burqa! on Ferozepur road(preferrably after shes been shopping in
thats all!
(maybe fi we keep posting wishlists we’d win!)

LUMS Earth Quake Relief Report

This report is from a mail dated Oct 22 but the observations mentioned would still be helpful, and most guidelines provided below would still be true. The summary is that well meaning individuals are spending time and money in doing the wrong things BY NOT FINDING OUT THE CORRECT WAY of delivery.

Click here to view the full text

“When soldiers cry” by Amina Elahi

In the space of a couple of hours we saw our trucks efficiently disposed of and realized that the swiftest method of providing relief was through the army

Volunteer Medical Staff Required

From a mailing list again.

If any one knows a Doctor / Paramedical staff who could join NetSol’s relief team to visit the disaster site, please contact any of the following (on urgent basis).

111 44 88 00

1. Shoaib Khan Tareen Ext: 203
2. Abdul Rauf Bhatti Ext: 207
3. Muhammad Rizwan Ext: 195

Summary: How to Help…

Many options available for you to help

1 Please drop a check of Rs 150/- crossed to “Edhi Welfare Trust”
to any TCS counter or any Edhi centre counter.
This amount will be used to provide KAFAN to victims of quake.

2 Contribute Rs 10 + Tax to the Mobilink Earthquake Relief Fund
by sending a blank SMS to 180

3 President’s Relief Fund for Earthquake Victims – 2005:

4 Donate for Earthquake victims – through Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (MKRF):

5 Donate via any Credit Cards / Debit Cards or UBL Net Banking:

6 Donate Rs. 3/= per SMS towards MKRF Relief Fund
SMS the word DONATE to 436
Each SMS cost Rs. 3/= + taxes
Send as many SMS as you can.
This is a joint effort by GEO, Mobilink and Ufone

7 Donate used clothes, warm clothes, medicines, dry food items
or donate whatever you can to any trusted booths near your premises.

8 Forward this message to your friends, relatives, colleagues.
This will a great support from your side.

The Scale of the Disaster

Just some quick facts in comparison:

– The Tsunami affected 1 million people – Pakistan’s earthquake has made 4 million homeless.

– The Tsunami affected flat coastal areas that were easier to reach – Here we are dealing with rugged mountainous terrain, which is only reachable by helicopter or heavy earth clearing equipment.

– All areas affected by Tsunami had a moderate weather – Here temperatures have already dropped to freezing point and snowfall has already started; if shelter and other aid are delayed for another week or two, an estimated half of the 4 million survivors will die.

– In case of the Tsunami, 4000 helicopters were made available by foreign countries for rescue – This region has received only 70.

– In case of the Tsunami 80% of the aid pledged by the international community to the UN was realized in two
weeks – Pakistan has just received 12% of the promised aid.

The entire provincies of N.W.F.P and Kashmir are mountainous, roads there will get blocked for the entire winter which is extremely harsh in these areas. 6 out of 10 of the world’s highest cliffs are in this region which gets DEAD COLD with very heavy snowfall in winter (winter is fast approaching and snow has already fallen in the region).

Quake Hampers Child Jockey Repatriation

(from the Daily Times)

The South Asia earthquake has stalled the repatriation of 60 former child camel jockeys to their families in Pakistan.

According to a United Arab Emirates (UAE) based newspaper, the move has been delayed

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