Facts,pricing and more about CGI Sheets !

I wanted to share information about CGI sheets. Its better than tents and people can move to permanent homes rather than tent. Here are few facts about CGI Sheets. I got this information from City sadder road Rawalpindi after spent a day to buy 4 ton of CGI sheets.

Best bargain is buy sheet by weight and not by dimension.

Sheet should not be more than 10 feet length unless you have requirement.

Maximum length is 16 feet. but expert believe 10 feet will have more strength.

Width is 3.5 feet and after carogation its 3 feet.

27 gauge sheet is suitable and more you come down better it is; mean 26 is better than 27.

28 gauge and above are very thin sheet; expert in the sheet market says they don’t last too long and less strength to hold.

Also be very cautious about when they weight ready sheet, they put extra weight which is very hard to detect; use digital weighing machine and check machine with standard weight before putting sheets.

Never give them full money until they load into your truck and then clear remain balance.

I bought four ton with family fund to denote to Rawalakot. Price I paid was Rs 59.50/Kilo ($1US) (very good deal). Trader in the market are asking 67 to 70 per kilo. Please call me if you have any questions at 0300 856 8418

Some facts about weights:

1 Ton = 1000 kilo grams.
4 Ton = 4000 kilo grams.
4000 * 59.50 = RS238,000
Price for 1 Ton= Rs 59500 or $1000 USD
Price for 4 Ton = Rs 238,000 or $4000 dollars

Imran Hashmi


Canada 1-416 628 9101


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