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a beautiful night

So last night, being at World Performing Arts Festival was fun. I picked up a friend of mine after work who was rich enough to afford tickets+dinner during these last days of month. We stopped briefly at Lebanese shwarma near Dunkin Donuts Gulberg and after filling our tummies with a couple of yummy shwarmas we were able to make it to Alhamra around 8:45.

You gotta read this

Munir, a blogger from Dera Ghazi Khan (teling you so you can ooooh-aaaah after knowing how deep blogging has penetrated in Pakistan), shared this on his blog here.

Nikah ceremony at Badshahi Mosque?

Daily Times reported that Federal Govt. is seeking an answer from Punjab Govt. against a wedding held at Badshahi Moosque. Well, bite this:

“According to the inquiry report, the Auqaf Department decorated a passage from the deorhi (entrance hall or chamber) to the main prayer chamber with ornaments, laid a red carpet from the deorhi to the main prayer chamber and illuminated it with lights that were fixed to the ground by iron stakes, placed sofa sets and chairs in the main prayer chamber and installed room coolers.”

The most ironic part is:

“The Archaeology Department

Of Cars and Cows

How do you get a cow into a car?
Open the car door, put the cow inside, close the door

How do you get a 2 cows and 4 dakoits into a Volks Wagon?

This news article claims that 4 dakoits were injured while trying to smuggle two cows in a CAR. Yes, a car. Its a classical problem for the topology students out there so if any one of you has an answer, please enlighten everyone.

Welcome Islamabad :)

Islamabad :D

sorry number one for being a copycat ;)

Welcome Vancouver

Vancouver :D


Lahoris are proud of their city

Damn you Afridi!!

Shahid Afridi has been banned for one Test match (that is Lahore test match) and two one-day internationals for deliberately damaging the pitch on the second day of the second Test. Trying to do hanky panky when you know the whole world is watching and there is no way you can get away with something like that. Why in the world he did it? What a dumb thing to do after such a great day of cricket.

I am a big football fan and often I see players elbowing each other during the match and getting red cards. What makes them do things like that when every modern game these days have cameras recording every single thing done on the pitch… or is it just a spontaneous thing.. rush of blood…OR just a silly thing that sometimes we all do :) .

Damn you Afridi, we are going to miss you in Lahore :(

nice :)

At last a much more productive use of billboards :)


Photgraph by David Guttenfelder

here’s the cold.. where is winter?

Lahore is cold tonight. Its getting a bit foggy after 11 on roads and ppl have started taking out blankets and quilts now. Out of the 8 ppl that I saw at a coffee shop today, 7 were wearing either a sweater or a jacket. The 8th one was a lady who insisted on wearing a sleevless shirt inspite of the cold ( how they manage this is still beyond me .. do they come in cold-blooded modes too? ). I also saw the first round-the-corner coffee machine today; a lot of more will start replacing the cone machines as temperatures go down.

Lahore is cold tonight, but there are thing still missing. I still havent seen the typical ‘mongphali ki rehri’ (peanut push cart) with a little coal pot resting in a large peanut pile and a gas lamp on one side. I still havent heard the kid with the cooler full of boiled eggs shouting ‘garam-aanday’ in the streets. I still havent tasted the pink kashmiri tea with a thick layer of pista and almond coated malai from the big steel ki daigchi out on the road. I still havent smelled the wood that the chowkidars burn in a tin can to keep themselves warm at night. I still havent felt the cold chilling penetrating fog that freezes my ears so much that they start hurting.

Lahore is cold tonight but a winter night, its not… so here’s the cold, where is winter?

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