Identity theft anyone?

I have no idea whose sick mind conceived the false, malicious “biography” that appeared under my name for 132 days on Wikipedia..

Source: USAToday

If it sound naive to you, an Austrian friend Brigitte Hochrainer – who’s also involved in Danka project – performing at World Performing Arts Festival this year also got her interview printed in Daily Jang afterwards, which she never gave, off course. The interview mentioned that she’s here for EQ relief work while she’s actually a music scholar at Sanjannagar Institute.

Although, I don’t count myself as much of a successful individual but I got my share of pounding when two years ago a kid pretending to be me got himself into a IRC battle; in the end the other party defaced the popular internet magazine’s website I was contributing for, leaving flaming messages for yours truly. I just can’t describe how much pain in the arse these kids can be! But that’s not all; the latest in fiasco series was a mention by The Times newspaper putting words in my mouth.

So beware, the next thing you’ll learn can be your dog pretending to be you. ‘On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog’, they say!

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