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Not so long ago, a lot of unassuming people made cart-loads of money, thanks to the unprecedented real-estate boom. So much money and not many knew what to do with it. So they bought a whole lotta cars. Then what? Some houses – trading their farms-in-acres to houses-in-kanals perhaps! Then what? Buy branded stuff? Heck, they put up a whole plaza just with branded items! Then what? Have enough money to be fashion conscious? How about, not one, but TWO fashions channels meaning there is actual fashion stuff going around to cover it in the media! Then what? I know, buy 1300 ruppee cakes!

Shezan and Gourmet bakeries just seem so old fashioned now, thanks mainly to the different cuisines served at bake/coffee shops such as Jammin Java (in Defence), Masoom’s, KAPS and Desserts (all three on M M Alam rd). And poor ol’ me, I went to KAPS to buy a cake. I only had a 500 ruppee note in my hand and some plans! Would buy the damn cake to fulfil this tradition of sorts that you take somethin sweet when visiting someone’s new house which I was doing, and then with the remaining money would buy my cigarettes – for the next three days! But ahaa, I was in the wrong place. The cake’s worth 1300. The cheapest one is 1030. I am sure the prices only get friendlier with the roof! They add the 30 to make is look oh-so-calculated! Knowing some excellent bakers, I know a cake couldn’t possibly have that much ingredients… yes, Lahore is already on its way to house the newly rich and yet-to-be famous.

I am just hoping that at least ‘some’ people understand the cliche ‘money corrupts’ and take the fashionable ‘pre-emptive’ action… manage it instead of flaunt it, use it instead of abuse it.

For now, I plan to mostly observe. Spend people, in the name of thy Lord or you can just go get yourself a porsche and a smile…

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  1. rainman (unregistered) on December 20th, 2005 @ 12:27 am

    yes! yes! and there are so many other things like i so miss the times wen we used to wait for programs on tv and go for a picnic in lawrence Garden( yes i loved the hilly landscape they have there) now there are just either safety issues everywhere or the nice places are too expensive and looks like every new hangout place is amde for O/A levels kids…

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