the joyride

So its always fun riding a rickshaw when your mom thinks her little angel is taking her long lectures at school, but its even more fun when the rickshaw is a oh sorry i should use THE NEW CNG FITTED, SPACIOUS AND ADMITTEDLY PRETTY one!

Now i havent been paid to advertise these new rickshaws (I would if I’m paid…and belive me i would do it better than a marketing professional…))but I’m probably just as excited as my friend was the other day as we were coming back from one of our usual expeditions away from university.So coming bck to the rickshaw, well its really cozy as its not the usual uncomfortable climb onto a camel’s back like those cursed rickshaws that still plague our lives by thriving on huge fares…ahem (excuse my little strays off the track, but damn they have a monopoly in our campus really)Its spacious(can hold four people in the seat easily) and even has a storage place behind the seat which i think can come in handy if youre transporting stolen goods or a really small friend(bright aint I?)and lastly although I’m a little unsure about this but as a very dear friend suggests, they are so pretty! All in all they are a smooth ride and luckily the day i rode it for the first time(and hopefully not the last) it was very reasonable charges wise for which i strongly reccommend that anyone and everyone who’s looking for fun (and transport while being stranded)must have a ride in these rickshaws. They are quite joyride really! for the more tasteful in rickshaw tastes…

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  1. Virk (unregistered) on December 20th, 2005 @ 5:55 pm

    I hate rickshaws major source of all the noise and air pollution and these new so called green rickshaws are so ugly some times just looking at them your are in Bombay or something

  2. rainman (unregistered) on December 20th, 2005 @ 10:49 pm

    they make less noise…forgot to mention that and u dont have to like them if you dont coz as i said i havent been paid to glorify these rickshaws hehehehe

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