what the hell is wrong?

Okay, let’s set the record straight. Can anybody please tell me what the hell is wrong here in Lahore? Nobody here seems to be working, nor they like. What they love is getting paid for nothing. Even after paying huge sums in service fees and other bullshits, you actually have to do what is called tarlay karna.

I pay thousands of rupees monthly to the DHL Lahore and still they somehow seem to be the biggest suckers in the whole city. Every once in a while there’s a delayed shipment, and the bastards at their customer care department don’t inform. You got to choke them yourself. They are always scared of customs for no apparent reason and behave like school kids, pointing out one tihng or another. Their customer care beats the hell out of you. I’m sick of these people. ye to inn kay corporate office ki halat hai!

I was so sick of them that I decided to go with FedEx instead for my business shipments. Can you imagine these FedEx people have given the parking space in front of their office on contract. It’s not even their space; you refuse to pay and they won’t allow to park. Customer care.. what the hell these guys know about dealing with customers? I went there thrice (yes, their corporate office in Gulberg) and every time there was none of sales/marketing person present. I doubt if they ever come to office. I’m not gonna deal with such a company.

If that’s not enough, you’ve got fraudiye all around Lahore and it’s literally impossible to pass a judgement. You go to exchange dollars to stock exchange or duty free shop, and they jump at you like eagles. To loot, off course. Once you hand over the money, then you’re screwed. Not all the time, you’ve ready to kick their asses!

I mean, what the hell is wrong? I went to EPB‘s office to get a small letter and they ask for rishwat. Or you go back home without getting what you’ve paid for, and what for all the right reasons in the world, you deserve. I paid that vulture 600 rupees to have the letter signed and stamped!

I got my ATM card stuck in MCB’s ATM machine and had to go regularly for three days just to get my card back. I was literally broke without the card and can you imagine I had to borrow money for food. They don’t start at 9 and close at 3 sharp! Even before!

Then there are Police wallas. If there was any punishment for incompetency and corruption, then all the Lahore Police wallay should be hanged. Damn you, lahore police!

No, I’m not being fussy, but there are things we gotta change here in Lahore. Even the banks are so inefficient that I’m operating my export account from Islamabad and now plan to ship my goods from there. Back there in Islamabad, it took us 3 hours to register a company, open a foreign currency account and a company account, get an export form and literally send the shipment. Btw, the process involved lengthy court procedures, registration authorities (more than one), bank and courier company. Alas, I made a choice to do business from here and I gotta stick to it now.

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  1. Ali (unregistered) on January 2nd, 2006 @ 4:01 pm

    nice explanation bro …. thats the glimpse of what demotivates you down to earth when you are so ambitious in your life to do things …

  2. suhaib (unregistered) on January 3rd, 2006 @ 7:44 am

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