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I just head Aamir Alvi (who sings with Munchkins in Karachi if I’m not wrong, but I’ve also had the pleasure of hearing him rock on at the university we both went/go to) and Arooj Aftab (apni wunderkinder) singing ‘Comfortably Numb’ on the radio, and my brains began leaking out of my ears it was so good!!!!! They sounded better than Pink Floyd (thank you critical readers;) ), and we all know that that is saying much….my god, we’re so talented here in Pakistan it boggles my brain. Please harass your local FM to play it for you, it’s SO worth it…now I shall run off and see if I can get an online clip of it to share the wealth! But WOW! Chaa gaye into infinity..



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Darwaish put up this picture of beads on his flickr, and it reminded me of the numaiish so much. Numaiish is, by the way, still on – apparently till eid atleast. If you haven’t been there yet, man oh man are you missing out. They have the BEST original (smuggled?) dirt-cheap designer sweaters, multitudes of shawls and yummy leather coats. Among *everything else. You could probably find divine truth in a papercup there if you looked hard enough.
Numaiish is on at fortress all day, till something like 11 pm at night.

The Lahori Balloon

Here, starting with this post, I’m sharing a collection of photos from the DAWN Lifestyles Exhibition recently held at EXPO Centre, Fortress Stadium…

It was the first time I saw a Hot Air Balloon in Lahore.


And for the DAWN people, it was so greedy of them to charge a hefty Rs.200 / adult and Rs.100/ child for a nearly grounded flight…


Pic of the Day:Regal Chowk


Cyclists lead the way as signal turns green

A diamond in the rough

It was like finding the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had in an anassuming cafe. What would you do? You would tell everyone about it… you would remember the taste, the price, the ambiance, heck, you would tell the waiter that it is the best coffee you’ve had. But what I found in Model Town Lahore is no cafe, this is much better for it has greater and much more long-lasting uplifts in a person’s life than a good cup’o’java.

K Block Masjid is not your usual Mosque.

No sir, it is not.

It houses the Quran Acadamy c/o Tanzeem Organization. Tanzeem Organization was founded by and is run by the charismatic Islamic scholar of sorts, Dr. Israr Ahmad.

And the efforts the people at the acadamy are putting up are worth more than just my mention here. I went there in hopes to learn the beautiful Arabic Language. Why learn Arabic? Well, it’s the language of choice of NoneOtherThan God! And closeness to God is the epitomy of reasons to live by that necessitates a friendly attitude towards all God’s creatures and encompasses all – I mean all – facets of life .. but that’s a different discussion for a different forum perhaps. Anyways… back to the Acadamy.

They are offering numerous courses. And the most enticing ones are the ones that you can learn at home – viz a viz distance learning. And they know their stuff… I went through the introduction and I knew I was at the right place. Now me and my wife both are enrolled.

Check this: A distance learning course for learning the complete translation of the Quran, stretch out over three modules with no time restriction to complete it on the student. And how much it costs? Rs 250. And people, they even accept if you pay the paltry Rs 250 in installments. And the people teaching there are all professors of the language, highly qualified and highly competent. And the acadamy handles all postage costs, all books and associated material if any. And I know this course to work out because like 2500 people or so are enrolled in it.

I really hope anyone interested will check it out. It is quite comprehensive and by all means, it is not a ‘business concern’ but a public service given out to all those who are interested. Great ‘diamond in the rough’ sort of places in all the mosques and ‘acadamies’ that I have seen.

Place: The Quran Acadamy
36-K Block, Model Town, Lahore.
Phone: 042 5869501

25th December: 129th birthday of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.

Stanley Wolpert



Merry Xmas from the city of Lahore ;)



Chariots of Common

Motorcycle Rickshaws seem to be taking over the roads lately. Last night I saw two of them racing on Allama Iqbal Road (the once coming from Railway Station towards Garhi Shahu ) at around 11:30 in the night. May be they couldnt resist the empty-road factor and decided to get involved in a little bit of chariot racing. Sadly I could only catch the racing duo as a blur but caught another one of the same specie watching and longing for its hay day.

dear dear rain :)

What’s with the cough and flu which almost everyone seems to be suffering from these days? arghh, I hate this. I have always been in love with lahore ka winter, no matter how short it is, but the cough and flu it brings, specially before first rain of the season, is just too much to take.

Half of my co-workers, including myself, are victims these days. We have been told that things would be better as soon the rainy season begins, the first rain.

Dear dear rain, where are you? We need some right now :)

Show porn. Mint money.

This sounds worn-out to talk about much infested IT boom a few years ago which planted internet clubs in every nook and corner of streets, which were supposedly thought to take the nation to the heights of technology in the 21st century! Well, somehow they did. After a couple of year

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