Insanity prevails

This is pretty much a regular day in your routine life. You wake up early in the day thinking of two business meetings you have during the day, thinking, planning and putting every inevitable piece in its place. You come to know that there’s no electricity. Great, you think. God damn this LESCO (once again). Being a totally eat-out humanoid, you head towards the market to get some food, and you come to know that every shop, resturant and for that matter everything else is closed. Shit, this is a strike. Okay, adrenaline back to normal. But merely after a few hours, a (more of a joyous rather than angry) mob appears out of nowhere – mainly consisting teenage kids – and barging towards every shopkeeper who’s been brave enough to not close his shop.

Hit every other person who’s on car, motorcycle or even cycle. Burn cars (especially), throw stones at motorcycles and beat the owner, and puncture cycles. What these poor innocent people have done against you? Did that internet cafe walla who’s invested his two years into this business published those caricatures? No? Did that guy who might have got this car on loan have done anything wrong to provoke your anger? No? Then why the hell do you hurt these people, huh? Why set your own home on fire hoping that someone else, in a far far away land might notice and stop thinking what he does. No he won’t. If this is your way of protest, a logic so ill, then I’m better without one.

And why on earth the political parties like JUI always have these bartardly plans every now and then? If my memory serves me right, they never got more than 5 seats in the whole country. Then how do they manage to create such mobs in every city? School kids, is the answer. Spoil young minds and herd them like sheeps. Serves your purpose best, no? Majority of such mobs all over the city was composed of school and college students under 18 years of age. Now, if that’s your claim of sanity, better try again. Use every other occasion to create agitation in the society, against govt. mostly, is beaten agenda now. But what is more surprising is, how they succeed to fool all of us again and again. I, for one, prefer bad govt. over anarchy.

I’ve seen those horrific scenes myself that you watch on TV; that Travel Agency near Shimla, burnt cars at Egerton Road and all those along my way to Samanabad in the evening. One of my good foreign business prospects in recent time, cancelled a fixed meeting today just because he was afraid of coming out.

I wonder at people who try to justify all this by saying ‘we have to do something in protest’. My dear, to hell with you and your protest. I may hold our Prophet PBUH dear more than you do, but does it mean that I burn/loot innocent public’s property and beat them to point that they are on the verge of death? My logic fails again, if there’s any. If you’re angry at someone, go hurt them, don’t hurt me. I ain’t your culprit. khasyani billi khamba nochay! No, I’m not with you in this destruction. Kindly excuse me, if you will.

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  1. Inspirex (unregistered) on February 15th, 2006 @ 5:46 am

    Its so sickening to know that these Jaali Mullahs have come to lahore too…
    as if we at Karachi wasnt big enoght for them….

    i remember when times were bad in Karachi, my friends used in Lhr used to be so happy that everything is peaceful there…i was happier because we saw the mad violence with our own eyes and been through all of it….we knew how comforting it was to be safe….

    This is now so sad….

  2. Ayesha (unregistered) on February 15th, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

    Balloon Purple,

    There are many of us who are as disgusted with yesterday’s developments as you are. The question now is how can we make any difference? This madness has to be curbed. Today it has spread to Peshawar – what’s next Karachi? How many more businesses need to destroyed before we rise against it?

    We need to start making our voices heard! The rot has already set in deep in our society, but at least we ought to make some sort of an effort to salvage something of it? Now we only need to debate how to do that.

  3. Yasir (Balloon Purple) (unregistered) on February 15th, 2006 @ 4:37 pm

    Yes Ayesha, I second your opinion. We must sought a way to curb this destruction and voice our opinion in a peaceful way. I just heard on news that in Multan tomorrow, there would be no rally, just peaceful congregation. I hope that helps and others follow suit.

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