Radiation levels in Britain has increased fourfold

Although this is Lahore my friends, but a lot of us know a few in Europe!

Taking results from various neighboring testing stations around London, a study cited that radiation levels in Britain increased ‘fourfold’ around the time of start of the ‘shock & awe’ (what is shock & awe? Wikipedia answers here) bombing campaign in Iraq in March 2003. ‘Uranium Aerosols’ were released in Iraq and blown across towards and over Europe.

So this means, not only Britain but the rest of Europe is under threat! Or one can say, they are at war with themselves because the weapons they created and used are their own. Talk about karma!

As expected, the Ministry of Defence of the Britain dismissed the claims and called this true recording a ‘coincidence’. Since when did the Defence ministries, of all the people, believe in conincidences?

And check this, Robert Fisk in an article printed in Daily Times (LINK) has already mentioned this fact of ‘spraying uranium aerosol’ in Iraq by the ‘coalition’ forces. And this was in March 2003!

Not so much of an ‘instant’ karma, but karma nonetheless!

I wonder how long this sort of radiation takes to go awayy… Chernobyl at Russia is still highly dangerous for the radiation takes more than just one lifetime to become harmless. And Chernobyl was an accident, US and UK bombing Iraq and ‘spraying’ the place with Nuclear-grade-deodrant-type-crap is straight-out genocide and neglect of the highest order. Regardless who takes the blame for this, but who will punish them? Who will bring the big guns to justice? Hmph!

my original source: The News

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