A long-time friend, who works in computer security field abroad, has been using a weird nick lately “Sir-Pimp-Alot-The-Dandiest-And-The-Desiest”. No matter how many times a day I see it, I can relate to it in a strange way.

Yesterday, I was coming with my partner from a meeting, on Allama Iqbal road. This is the normal route we take to those Nicholson/Mcload/Nisbet Roads. Just as it seemd just another day, a Police’s 4×4 turbo was on our tail in a flash and the driver was honking like a pimp. We have a strange logic prevalent in our friends; to never pay attention to such pimps, they can’t overrun you afterall. But what I reckon that bastard had the IQ level of my shoe size. He zipped passed us from the wrong side on a busy, bumpy road that Garhi Shaho section is, and in its feat got us almost crashed into the side wall. For a second you can’t guess what’s happened and when you realize, you go after him. And that’s what we did having built a reputation after minting money from a Police-wallah for repair a few months earlier and that too in front of Saddar Police Station. We chased that bastard until Dharampura bridge and when we levelled, rather than admitting his fault, he shouted at us while waving a hand (like most women do) saying, “k****y diya p***a”. The ultimate response to that was, as it should have been in the most desiest fashion, “b*******a anna hoya hein?” I fastened my grip on the camera’s tripod I luckily had with me for triple barrel action only to see him rush into the fire-station located on the brink of Dharampura bridge where he had a strategic advantage. I thought about hurling a stone at that 4×4 but the idea came too late.

Sometimes, you just feel like relating to things for not apparent reason. And if you ‘re thinking that there’s a moral of the story, no there’s not! Police-wallah or not! :P

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  1. Detox (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 12:18 pm

    Wow! yea those ignorant bastards. The Police wallas. We all have had our fair shares dealing with their sheer stupidity & ignorance. I’ve had mine more than anyone else.. but thats another story. =)

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