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Next time someone sends you a forwarded email, saying that if you dont forward it futher then some bad things will happen or something in those lines, send him or her this link…


peace & God Bless

the spice ship ;)

Lahore Chatkhara has embarked upon sharing its good taste with the maximum number of people. The group has opened a new restaurant ‘The Spice Ship’ in Y Block, Defence Housing Authority, and will soon be introducing free home delivery services for major commercial and residential areas of the provincial capital.

Source: Daily Times

Go and check it out :)

Jashn-e-Eid Milad-un-Nabbi


Neons on the move…


Well, alright, you can have a guess about the place.

Strings n’ Rage at Gymkhana

Strings & Rage are performing live on 15th of April at the Lahore Gymkhana.
Wanna be there?? Get a member or a membership…


Guess the place # 8


Another one

An interesting day, yesterday.

I had the pleasure (all the sarcasm in the world intended here!) of driving all the way – and I mean ALL the way – from Lahore Cantt to Lahore Bandd Road. I say ‘Lahore Bandd Road’ everytime I mention the road to reassure myself perhaps, that the road is IN Lahore, a part, in fact, one of the earlier parts of this great city.

On the way, on the Mall, hunting my way through the traffic, I caught only glimpses of the smoking Alfalah building and the little, embarrasing even, stream of water struggling out of the only fire truck parked under the building.

Fire at the Alfalah Building, The Mall, Lahore

The fire must have been just discovered, as when I had reached the upper Mall, I did see a sizeable number of them fire trucks rushing – no, the old, bedford rejects were scraping really – towards the smoke/fire site. Another insurance scam perhaps? God guide and help us all!

Upon reaching ‘Lahore’ Bandd Road, I admit, the completed section of the road have turned out beautifully. The same section that is part of the massively planned circular road, the same section (a small stretch really) that the ‘authorities’ have been developing for the last – lemme think here, mmmm, for the last gazillion years, give or take a few.

Bandd Road

But the same section stands out like a semi-precious stone on a tired, old and dirty hands of a tired, old and dirty ruffian. And the traffic! Oye hoeyyy!! The traffic, I assure you, is proof of the existence of God! So many people, and so many metallic objects – mostly sharp – passing off as vehicles at rediculous speeds and torques(!!) and still, life goes on. Still, most of us make it through the day! God does work in mysterious ways, no?

Seriously, the authorities, God give them strength, have to do something about the traffic. And I do have faith in them, believe it or not! After all, they have managed to pull off a traffic management miracle on the Main Boulevard, the Model Town side of Lahore, most of the Mall and of course, DHA and Cantt areas as well. Why not pay attention to the entry and exit points of Lahore? Are the people there not affluent enough to warrant attention? Or is that just too daunting a task? Not enough funds or not enough ‘pressure’? All of the above, perhaps?

got Milk?

It is quite absurd really.

You, as being part of the human race, would want what you have asked for. Sometimes at least. For example, you go to the grocery store, ask for chicken. You expect chicken. Not a look-alike. Not the-next-best-thing. No. You want chicken.

In the same way, you ask for Milk. You turn to your doodhwaala. What do you get? Litres and litres of Water, with some Milk mixed in it perhaps. Akkhh. So, blaming the Pakistani culture of ‘corruption’, you turn to the big milk companies. Nestle, Haleeb and what not. You dish out more money to pay for the ‘7-layered protection’ of the milk packaging and some serious high quality milk. And what do you get?

Not milk. The milk that these companies (no one in specific because of lack of evidence, but one thing is for sure, most of them are involved in procuring white-lookin-chemically-equivalant-to-milk liquid instead of what comes out of your average cow!) procure is in large quantities and most of this is mixed with copious amount of water. But water is not harmful, now is it? You can say, you are drinking ‘lassi’ rather than milk. But the problem is when these companies involve themselves (either directly or by letting the doodhwaala do it) in adding – believe it or not – UREA fertilizers to cool the un-chilled milk for longer tranportation, or perhaps adding Washing detergent to extend the milk’s longivity or adding cooking oil to bring the fat percentage in milk to the required/acceptable level!

And we buy these products believing in the ‘brand’, and are duped everytime for the 10 to 15 ruppees we pay extra for ‘high-quality something’. God help our souls and stomachs. No wonder “milk in the morning” is not as energetic for our generation as claimed by our elders!

Welcome! Bangalore

All the desi-Lahori Balloons welcome City #45; Bangalore.

a small bus ride

Every once in a while I love a small bus ride to Saddar to my Khala’s home. The ride is so short that it only lasts for 1 minute from place. As I boarded the bus yesterday for a frequent destination, I realized that there are such tiny pieces of life I’m missing by not using public transport anymore. The cornier jokes by students claiming ‘Quaid-e-Azam nay farmaya, students ko ticket maaf hai!’ (for those of you who don’t know Urdu, it roughtly translates to ‘Quaid (Jinnah) said that bus tickets are free for students.’) and those small sticker advertisments claiming to have solution to all your problems and those hawkers – every with a distinct style and accent – trying to impress/trick passengers into buying their oh-so-out-of-this-world products. I love those 60 seconds of my life!

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