Hardcore gamers beware, FBI is probably watching your sniping record!

Peace on all of you my friends.

A quick quote to get the story started:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The makers of combat video games have unwittingly become part of a global propaganda campaign by Islamic militants to exhort Muslim youths to take up arms against the United States, officials said on Thursday.

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Sometimes, it is hard to play the devil’s advocate when the devil is just plain stupid.
Tech-savvy Al-Qaeda militants are exploting the gaming youth by changing the gaming scenarios in famous network games such as Battlefield. The youth can snipe or shoot US soldiers now. This of course, encourages them to join the Al-Qaeda on the Iraq and Afhanistan front, of course. The huge amount of implications, most of them sick to the core, that you can draw from the above stuff are just too much! Too much. Hmph!
First of all, it takes a lot more than ‘tech-savviness’ to mess around with a game’s core files to pull off such a feat. Falling in love with an iPod is tech-savvy, but it takes hardcore coding to pull such a feat. It only takes a casual gamer like me to know that for a fact.
And if changing the game scenarios is not a pure case of TIT-FOR-TAT, then I do not know what is. The ORIGINAL games take you to Iraq and Afghanistan where the bad guys are Iraqi and Afghani militants (or freedom-fighters, take you pick. I pick freedom-fighters, by the way). The same militants and terrorists that Rambo was fighting and sympathizing for all along. That was of course hardly checked by anyone in the US. That of course was never counted under ‘propaganda’. No, no. But when someone uses the US’s same philosophy against them, then it is heresy, then it is unfair, then it is evil and sinister. You all make me sick, sick I tell ya!


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