The infidel Market Segment perhaps

Now I claim to understand marketing. Some of it at least! I claim to understand, if not implement, the ‘art’ and science of serving a particular market, the positioning of your product or service, and coming up with a new ‘brand’ of the same product for different market segments. For example, a simple detergent can have as many as seven different brand, each with a unique selling proposition, targetted at different market segments such as a market of “dirt concious people” or affluent people or not-so-affluent people etc etc. I have oversimplified it, I know, but stay with me on this because the crap has yet to hit the fan…

I just read an editorial on Daily Times on thier website (LINK to the editorial).

They have complained that our suited-n-booted Mr Prime Minister has asked the Pakistani Nation to ‘pray for rains’. The newspaper first goes on to clarify that they had not reported this but are only ‘commenting’ on it, as if not completely, if not unsuccessfully, wash thier hands clean of whatever guilt they suppose this could mean. Anyways, the newspaper goes on to quote the P.M. who said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has also prayed specifically for rain and since our nation is facing a severe heat wave and a fair chance for a drought, so we should all ‘bow down to the Lord’ and pray for rain.

Daily Times has done a great job at bringing to light this matter in the most secular of lights as possible. They start off the editorial by saying, and I quote:

To an infidel Western mind, this must conjure up images of a “witch-doctor” chanting prayers to ward off evil spirits or a “red-Indian” medicine doctor sending up smoke signals to finger a downpour. But, of course, the “Aziz” in the headline is none of these things.

And then they go on to saying,

It is unbecoming of Mr Aziz to flog religion as “opiate of the masses” and be fatalistic when he should be rolling up his sleeves and taking concrete measures to alleviate the expected suffering of the people in the drought-forecast zones.

To me at least, Daily Times is serving a particular market segment. The market segment that does not ‘like’ to believe in ‘direct intervention’ if you may. How can you ward off a drought by offering some ritualistic prayer? Is it Voodoo? Some Mantra?

Well my friends, believe it or not, but it is called Faith. Wake the bleep up people. Why are we so apologetic for our bleifs? Is not there enough proof in history to justify our stance on Faith? And Faith not on Voodoo magic or tribal smoke, but on the One and Only God!! Allah! The same Entity that we so lovingly praise in our constitution, but we are lame enough to not allow it in our daily lives.

I have another enterprise in farming and I know how most of the masses in our country react. They would recite certain Quranic Surahs on their crops and what not, the masses are tuned to religion somewhat, if not in a wholesome way (the concept of 5-times-a-day namaaz is still absent to most). But nonetheless, the masses are religiously and rightly inclined. Mullahs in power :) can be proof of that very percentage of the population. Religion obviously is a beautiful guide, secularists don’t seem to incorporate that in thier politics. For that, they are way off the mark. Everyone has a right to thier opinion, but a newspaper is first supposed to ‘report’ the sentiment of the masses (which Daily Times almost proudly says that it did not) and then ‘reflect’ on the next course of action BASED on the sentiments of the masses (the paper has only propounded a secular mindset which is present only in a small minority of the people, defnitly not to be counted amongst the masses)

But no, no, according to Daily Times of course, this is just political play by Mr. P.M. to perhaps woo the Mullahs and the masses. They have not for a moment hinted at this sort of a ‘ritual’ actually working, of actually bringing rain. How could they? They are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT right in asking the PM to get his hands dirty by doing some concrete and tangible work for the drought-feared areas, BUT why the secularism all of a sudden? Do ‘they’ not believe? The editorial’s tone can easily tell you that ‘no’ they don’t. You need to read it once to see that they just proved themselves to be a part of the “infidel Western Mind”

sick minds
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  1. Omer Pervaiz - Opee (unregistered) on May 12th, 2006 @ 8:41 pm

    Besides all the talk: speaking of same companies coming out with different brands of same good. There is an essential reason why CDL (Haleeb Foods) has Haleeb, Dairy Queen, Candia, Haleeb Reshmi Pack for the different segments of same market. It works for companies and thats how they keep their feet in the market.

    Generally, people are not mature and brand loyal to much extent. They ‘ARE’ brand loyal but yet they tend to try every new product that comes in the market and sometimes adopt! Thats how the cycle goes on and on and ……

  2. Rana Mian (unregistered) on May 14th, 2006 @ 12:13 am

    I am a bron Lahoria (Lahore lover), now living in Canada, and am a great admirer of this Blog-site and all of its official authors (blogers)

    First of all let me clarify that I don’t mean any disrespect to the official Bloggers of this site by my following submission.

    As a matter of fact I have thoroughly enjoyed many previous Lahore-related posts by the authors. Momekh’s piece about the adulteration in the Packaged milk , for instance, was a superb piece of journalistic among so many others.

    Lately, however, we see stories without any direct connection to the great city of Lahore.

    One can always read about Politics, Crank calls, or Indian Musicians from newspapers and other websites (there are plenty of those already) but I think we should have more Lahore related stories here (especially the ones neglected by the mainstream media).

    Unfortunately this blog-site does not allow “Outsiders” to post any thing. I think other people should also be allowed to initiate a topic (moderated by the official blogers, may be)

    I have even tried to suggest some topics in the past through email without success.

    In the end, I am suggesting some interesting topics and hope the authors will pick up these or other similar interesting Lahore-related items or allow, in some way, to let the ordinary people contribute on these topics by initiating the topic.

    • There was an interesting story about the neglect of Shalamar Baagh in BBC Urdu the other day.

    • We can explore the overall condition of all historical buildings of Lahore.

    • The Party and dating scene in Lahore (I submitted a story about Police scam to extort money from dating couples as reported by The daily Times).

    • The changing face of the GC(Government College), The greatest educational institution of Lahore (and my alma matter).

    • Samanabad was the Beverly Hills (90201) of the Lollywood during 1960’s and 1970’s.
    Majority of the film Personalities used to live there. As a kid during the 1970’s, I have personally witnessed these people living in Samanabad (what an interesting phenomenon!). Naghma, Sultan Rahi, Shabab Keranvi, Nishoo, Rangeela, Albela, Anwar Ali, Abid Ali, Sajjad Kishwar, Qateel Shafai, Rasheed Atrrey, Farah Jalal, A Hamid, Chakori and so many others.

    I think it was due to the great film producer/director Shabab Keranvi(Late) of the time, who used to have his main production office in Main road Samanabad those days.

    • scenes of LAHORE exposed in the outdoors shootings of movies/TV plays during different era (60’s ,70’s , 80’s etc)


    Rana Mian

  3. momekh (unregistered) on May 14th, 2006 @ 3:35 am

    Salaaams Mr Rana Mian,
    thankyou for the appreciation, that is what keep me and in fact all of us going… but coming to the point… what you have suggested here is great and noted….

    but a very PRACTICAL way for conscious viewers like yourself to contribute is the SUGGEST A STORY link on the top right side of the main metroblogging lahore webpage. You can always use that. In fact, I suggest that in the future, you DO use that to post any ideas about stories and articles for followup.

    And you support in the form that you have just given and I am sure will keep giving by visiting and commenting and giving your input is highly highly appreciated.

    God Bless
    Au Revoir,

  4. Rana Mian (unregistered) on May 14th, 2006 @ 8:16 am

    Dear Momekh,
    You are very welcome and certainly deserve the credit for all the good work you are putting in.

    So would you initiate discussion on the topics I suggested by posting a new story item on the site?

    I think there are many people out there who know a lot about these matters and can share valuable information.

    This way we can make this site really interesting and increase the web-traffic tremendously!!


    Rana Mian

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