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Fresh Milk Delivery Within Lahore : Kemaak Milk

I have been contemplating this for some time now… so about two weeks back, I finally gave it a go and now it is official. All thank be to God.

kemaak01.gifKemaak Milk has started operations in and ‘around’ Cantt area of Lahore. Home delivery of more than reasonably high quality milk! :) Here is how it added up in fact. I have been involved in farming for the past two years mashALLAH. And since then I have been indirectly involved in the milk procurement business as well. You see, people I associate with over at the farm are directly involved in milk procurement and supply to dairies like Nestle and Haleeb. It was mostly because of my knowledge over at the farm that I was able to write with significant conviction the post ‘got milk?‘ that did get some good reviews from the readers for which I am thankful. (And no more long sentences from now on, hmmm…)

And that brings be back to my little baby, if you may, my new-est enterprise. Kemaak Milk. Home delivery within Lahore. I started on the 2nd of June, Friday and the first delivery was 1.5 litres to a house three houses down from where I live :). And now mashALLAH I am pulling about 30 houses with daily average of 35 litres per day. In what, 16 days. And counting thank be to God. The customers who have liked it have very good things to say about the milk quality and that just makes me happy and content even (plz note, I understand that content is much deeper and a much more sought after feeling than just plain ol happy !). There have been some complaints of course, three of em in fact. But it is part of the deal I guess. Not to mention that I plan to handle my complaining customers in certain ‘creative’ ways that will hopefully leave a good impression on them about the brand nonetheless. InshALLAH.

Right now Kemaak Milk, with quality milk mashALLAH, supplies to Gulberg and Cantt including Cavalry ground. Within next month, inshALLAH Kemaak Milk will enter defence. And then take it from there. I only have one ‘chingchee rickshaw type thingy’ for delivering milk which I call MDU. (Milk Delivery Unit :P blame it on the love of acronyms) and have named that specific chingchee ricksaw ‘chinkee‘ from chingchee of course, and from ‘chinkee, boyfriend bolay tau‘ from ‘Munna Bhai, MBBS‘. Hahaha… that is what happens when you let in your family members to decide names and the sort !! Anyways, the plan now is to get a suzuki ravi van for delivery. Wonder what will be the van’s name? Hmmm… Buying Chinkee, by the way, is a direct result of “start-up symdrome!” :).

Now all I need are your prayers that I should be able to keep the quality of milk way, way above par and that a lot and a lot of people keep drinking it :).

I plan, of course, big things for this. Trademarked it and all. Nurpur sales dept have already ‘investigated’ the brand under the guise that they want it for thier office. For details check this post! Other than that, I will keep you posted on this one… you ideas, suggestions, complaints and guidance is not only welcome, it is expected. And already appreciatd! Peace and God Bless.

When it rains in June…

Ah, such a lovely morning here in Lahore. I am glad to report that its been raining since ‘late yesterday night’/’early morning’. I have been out in rainy roads. Wish I had a camera with me and I could take some pictures while I was on my way to office this morning. By 1:22pm, I can still feel raindrops keep falling on my head.

I was talking to my buddy few minutes ago who is in London at the moment, telling me that its raining in London too but shares how much he enjoys when it rains back home. Nothing’s like when it rains in Hottest month of June. And with all the stocks of mangoes in fridge… :)

Here’s some of his feelings that I want to share with metrobloggers: “How i wish i could be in Lahore…enjoy a good meal at zouk or maybe waris nehari..and then give in to kami’s demand for a pan from barkat in main market…stay up all night reading or watching all the latest movies that are yet to be released in london…and just before the morning down the empty roads for halwa puri at ‘capri’..the nashta spot for my generation or perhaps royal park… “

I guess he was just too hungry but, Man, he misses Lahore. :) Especially when I tell him its raining here!

Samosay, pakoray anyone? *wink*

Is that true?

I’ve got this News Flash from someone at Telecard Corporation. Mr. Anwar [] claims that:

The artist who drawn the pictures of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) has died in fire. He was burnt alive. Denmark government is hiding the news from the public and everyone has got to know.

This news is roaming around in Lahore these days. Rumours or anecdote, reality or propaganda, has anyone heard or have any information about this?

where in lahore?


I think this is tough :)

Temple Demolished in Lahore? – Minority Rights

A private developer was allowed to demolish the Krishna Mandir at “Wachhoowali, Rang Mehal, Lahore” and raise a commercial complex in its place in violation of Pakistani laws, BJP leaders claimed.


Terming it an act of “Talibanisation”, the BJP on Tuesday condemned the reported demolition of a Hindu temple in Lahore and said it would take to the streets to organise protests against this.

“Pakistan, which describes itself as a true Islamic state, has done a most un-Islamic crime by demolishing a minority religious site – a temple in lahore,” former Union minister and senior BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain told Indian reporters on Tuesday evening. The demolition of the temple was an act of “pure Talibanisation”, he said.

Lambasting Pakistan’s establishment for targeting minorities, Hussain said the condition of minorities in that country is miserable and they are living as “third class citizens”. The metrobloggers can read more information on the news from

Whereas, my study tells a different story. I’ve found this article published a year ago on Daily Times, where Mr. Faraz Abbas, ETPB Administrator claims the renovation of Krishna Mandir, the only active Hindu temple in the city, started on Tuesday, April 26, 2005 under the supervision of the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). The restoration is expected to take three months and cost Rs 1.2 million. Now the question remains, if they are actually demolishing the temple by giving the rights to the local contractor to erect a building in place OR is it just another misunderstood reason of the situation the Hindus of the city have concluded while Punjab Government is taking another step to renovate the temple? – Does anyone have a clue?

Top Lahori hotels get a week to improve kitchen

Can you believe this stuff? Though it is a few weeks old, don’t know what is the latest on this. But its totally incredible folks. Check it out…

[Source: The Daily Dawn – May 22, 2006] The City District Government Lahore has given a seven-day deadline to over 50 A-class hotels and restaurants to improve conditions at their kitchens for avoiding the spread of epidemics due to change in weather.

The eateries are ignoring precautions during preparation of food and have not taken proper measures against epidemics, especially those related to change in weather, says district officer (food) Chaudhry Munir Ahmad who has issued notices to the managements of these hotels and restaurants.

These included Avari, Pearl Continental, Bundo Khan, Salt-n-Pepper, AFC, Gulberg Kabana, Ambassador, Pizza Hut, Shanghi, Mirchie, Tai Pae, Cafe Zauk, Lazzat, Dera, Ravi, Lahore Broast, Ravi Pizza & Fast Food, Kings & Queens, Maharaja Restaurant, Sardar Fish Corner, KFC, HFC, Smart Chicks and Subway.


There was a time when people used to watch budget speech with keen interest. It used to make some sense and there was no concept of mini budget (ok ok, i have heard this from my parents). Now people can listen to budget speech but nobody can understand what it means. I was watching CNBC and Finance Minister was telling a panel that government has given 55 billion rupees subsidy for Bijli (power/electricty) and this and that. Sombody called and asked Mr. SoandSo, I like this 55 billion rupees thing but tell us if that means people of Pakistan will get cheap electricty now and prices will go down? The answer was, oh well that we have to check and ayen bayen shayen and there was no simple answer like a Yes/No. May be that clown should have said to the caller ‘no you fool, this is just to make you feel better’.

Anyways here are few cartoons that explain budget pretty well (Sources: The News and Pakistan Observer). Enjoy :)




Apothecary Apathy

How much is your life worth? How much would you do to save it, or your child’s life? Any amount, most likely. Look at the concept and practices of selling medicine around and one feels to be in an uncomfortable position. Those who are responsible for making drugs available in market are not doing enough. That becomes clear after visiting some medical stores, also called pharmacies or apothecaries [More].

where in lahore?


This should be very easy, i think :)

World Cup Fever in Pakistan

The stage is set for football lovers for the biggest event in history of the game where teams from 32 countries are battling hard to prove their worth, for many players, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Word Cup is taking place in twelve cities in Germany, from June 9 to July 9, 2006 and football fans have gathered there to watch the thrilling game and the rest are glued to different media channels to find what is happening. Read about the footie hype here.

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