Citizens risk electrocution

With monsoon rains cascading on the city, electricity transformers put on trolleys by the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) pose a risk for citizens.


LESCO chief Akram Arain has said that transformers can be kept on trolley for three days only and then set up on electricity pylons. However, his orders have been ignored and transformers stay on trolleys for weeks on end. The transformers put not only passers-by at risk, but also children playing around them.

Transformers are put on trolleys when transformers on pylons short-circuit and burn out. It is only a temporary arrangement and the trolleys are removed once transformers on pylons are repaired. However, LESCO officials do not bother to remove the transformers even if the transformers on pylons are fixed.

Bilal, a resident of Nakhuda Chowk in Misiri Shah, said, “Rains worsen the situation because localities get flooded and the trolleys are not removed. Anyone can get electrocuted.” Mustafa, a resident of Ghoray Shah, said, “Our lives are in danger. These trolleys need to go.”

A shopkeeper at Walton said LESCO officials were not bothered and ignored the trolleys after setting them up.

Public representatives have also condemned LESCO’s negligence and have demanded authorities take action in this regard. Sheikh Iqbal, Union Council 15 nazim, said, “The trolleys should not be left without supervision for long periods. Authorities don’t care and the situation seems to worsen.”

Junaid Butt, Union Council 25 nazim, said, “Slight negligence can claim many lives. Authorities should place the transformers at the right place. Trolleys are only replacements and that is what they should remain, temporary replacements.”

A senior LESCO official told Daily Times that every sub-division of the company had at least two trolleys and “whenever a transformer doesn’t seem to work or breaks down, another transformer is placed on a trolley to restore electricity”. He also said that if the broken down transformer was fixed or another one was available, the trolley was removed from the locality.

He also said LESCO officials took no precautionary measures except telling the public about the dangers posed by the trolleys, especially during rains. “We have repeatedly informed people to keep clear of pylons and trolleys and they should follow by our instructions,” he said.

Akram Arain said, “Trolley-transformers are used to restore electricity, but have to be moved within three days. Negligence is not tolerated and a sub-divisional officer was punished in this regard last year.” However, he ruled out the chances of getting electrocuted by the trolleys, saying trolley-transformers were safe and adequately insulated to avoid such accidents.

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